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4 Gadgets To Make Your Life Less Stressful

Stress is unavoidable when juggling a job, let alone a career, with family life. We take time to work, to clean, to cook, to raise our children, but what about taking time to relax? Take a look at four gadgets that can help you do just that. Running a busy

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World’s Best Jewelry Designers

Jewelry designers are not hard to find, there are lots of them. But only a rarefied few are considered the world’s best jewelry houses, due to their high quality products and unique designs. Which are they? For the rich and famous, diamonds from any old jeweler simply won’t do. These

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Charge As You Move

Ever experienced the sudden shutdown of your portable device due to no battery? A new patent filed by Apple may very well end “no battery” fiascos, if ever developed. The computer giant reveals plans for a system that will charge smartphones, iPods and tablets using the movement of a person’s

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Why Leave the Hotel’s Suit?

CNN brings 8 unique hotels where you don’t have to leave the property to admire the scenery. Check them out. If your investment in Bear Stearns took a dive, the captain on your yacht ran it aground in disputed Chinese waters and the new nanny lost your prized Pembroke Welsh

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World’s Wackiest Homes

People are thinking outside the box when it comes to building their dwellings. Infused with inspiration and green motivation, some of the following homes are unique as they are strange. Expressing one’s self through the home is taking a literal spin in the world’s wackiest houses. For some people, homes

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Much Ado About Leather

Leather goods are timeless pieces, transcending fashion and history with effortless chic that is always relevant. Knowing the hows, whys and wheres of the leather industry goes a long way in selecting high quality leather-licious products. High quality leather products don’t cost your spare change. Expensive as they are, leather

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Classic Diet Moments

Trying to keep fat off is a continuous battle for most of us. We sweat at the gym and eat leafy greens in a massive effort to slim and trim down. But some foods are simply irresistible when encountered on certain times of the day –what are they and when

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Top Five Champagnes

What are the 5 best champagnes in the world? Read on. It’s extraordinary to think that champagne was the result of a happy accident. Champagne was “invented” after all, when monks started bottling wines before their first fermentation, which caused it to be full of delightful but troublesome bubbles. They

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Most Expensive iPhone Case

The latest innovation and most awaited creation by Apple, iPhone 5 arrived in stores only to be out staged by its case. What is its price tag? Super expensive.  Imagine sitting down to dinner with a competitive colleague and you each pull out your cell phones. Though you are each

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Movie Watchmania

Movies in the 21st Century are less about emotions and more about watches. Wait, what?! Here you can check out some of the most complicated mechanical watches or extremely accurate timepieces worn by leading characters in famous movies. Don’t forget the popcorn! Television and movies have often shaped popular trends

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