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Some of the Uncommon Italian Cuisines You Would Love

Italy is best known for titillating the taste-buds of the food connoisseurs with the different varieties of regional recipes. Italian delicacies are not all about pastas and pizzas; rather the appetizers and the main courses that this part of the world offers are real epicurean delights! Read on as we

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Ten of the Most Expensive Wines in the World

You don’t have to be an ardent aficionado to admit that wine is the insignia of aristocracy that redefines class and sophistication. Even though if you are not too keen about including a new bottle in your vintage collection, fantasizing about luxury and delving into the wonderful list of the

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Top Five Celebrity Yachts

The super-deluxe yachts owned by the super-rich celebs are full of lavish amenities that speak ounce about their affluent status. Read on to know about the nicest yachts that some of the renowned celebs own. The super-rich celebs can own whatever they want – mansions in multiple countries that can

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Most Expensive Houses of Celebrities

When you earn more than what you can spend, you are not left with any other option than making flamboyant investments. That is exactly what celebrities do! They splurge on expensive watches, deck their wardrobes with designer clothes and build majestic mansions that boast all those amenities that a commoner

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Most Expensive Cars Owned By Celebrities

Even if you are not an avid car aficionado, you would still love to know the machines that your favorite stars drive! Take a look at the list of those ten celebrities who drive the most expensive cars. The lives of fame-struck Hollywood stars are often drooled upon; be it

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Most Expensive Timepieces That the Famous Celebs Wear

Celebrities set the trend; whether it’s the color of their cars, the way they lace their shoes or the watches they wear. Some celebrities even sport timepieces that cost more than their cars! Let us take a look at some of those renowned celebrities who flaunt expensive timepieces. 10. Kayne

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Create an Ever-Lasting Impression with Custom Leather Embossing

Embossing refers to an elegant artistic process that creates a distinct pattern on materials such as metals, papers, woods or leather products. As a matter of fact, the process of embossment has been around for some hundred years and numerous artifacts like leather belts and metal ornaments have attested its

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Gadgets That Can Make Life Easier

We have ushered in a technologically advanced era where GPS, Wi-fi, Smartphones, Tablet PCs and myriad of hi-tech gadgets define our existence. We cannot deny the fact that the focus of human life has shifted, at least partly, to a highly advanced virtual world that has provided us an opportunity

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Brace Yourself for a Luxurious Retreat to Ko Samet, Thailand

There is always something special in the air of Bangok, the capital of Thailand. A city characterized by alluring sights, buzzing markets, picturesque temples, art-deco hotels corner, placid rivers crowded by boat traffic and of course, the warmth of the local people. If you love cities, you are definitely going

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Five of the Most Expensive Holiday Destinations in the World

The cost of living in one part of the world varies from the other but the well-heeled travelers always like to have the list of exquisite travel destinations in hands, regardless of the culture, the scenic extravagance and the expense! Be it drug-fuelled night-out parties in a private limousine in

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