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Conquest Vehicle Inc Launches its First Unarmored SUV

The Conquest Evade is the first non-armored SUV launched by Conquest Vehicles Inc., manufacturers of mega-luxurious, fully armored, handcrafted sport, utility vehicles.

It certainly is nice but the question still remains: Why? These are the thoughts that run through the mind while considering the newest offering from luxury SUV builder, Conquest Vehicle, Inc. of Toronto, Canada.

Long known for their rugged, testosterone fueled, armored vehicles; the design team at Conquest decided that less was more with their first non-armored effort, the Evade.

Conquest Evade
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That’s not to suggest that the sumptuous appointments that consumers have come to expect from the hand-crafted luxury SUV’s have been scrapped, indeed, the new Evade is as luxurious as ever, however, the raison d’etre, flawless security, is no longer the primary consideration.

For those in the know, if there’s even a slight possibility that someone is going to start shooting at you or lobbing hand grenades in the path of your commute, you want to be safely ensconced within the opulently appointed interior of their signature vehicle, the Knight XV.

Unveiled in 2008, the 13,000 pound Knight XV is pure muscle balanced elegantly upon 22.5” polished custom rims and blast resistant tires. Manufactured with excellence in mind, the transparent and opaque armor is comprised of cutting edge materials that meet or exceed all industry standards. When the sheik needs to get to the palace, the Knight XV is the safest way to get there.

Conquest Vehicle has now put the civilian market in their sites with the Evade. Borrowing heavily from the Knight XV, in style and performance, the Evade easily matches consumer’s expectations.

Whereas, the Knight XV was built upon a rugged Ford 350 heavy-duty chassis, the Evade is mounted upon the Ford 550 super-duty chassis which makes the vehicle wider and better able to accommodate even more luxury items within.

Featuring 400 cubic-feet of interior space, the Evade artfully blends military style and the comforts associated with the plushest luxury vehicle; including, a new ergonomically designed cockpit and cabin area that feature touch screen technology and executive designed reclining seats.

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Additionally, a third sun roof has been added along with individual lap top trays and the option of a having either a driver partition or retractable flat-screen television thrown into the mix.

Although not armored, one would never know that from the beefy appearance the Evade portrays to the outside world. With wraparound headlights and taillights, sleeker fenders, a reconfigure grill and hood scoop, the Evade will certainly occasion the driver of the Ford Pinto to reconsider cutting you off.

Standard features include a FLIR night vision camera system, power windows, commercial grade suspension, and a joy-stick activated, roof mounted, 360 degree search light.

Offered in a 4X4 mode, the new purchaser has the option of a gas or diesel version. The former delivers an impressive 326 hp and 462 pounds of torque power while the latter promises to deliver 300 hp and 660 pounds of torque power.

Equally impressive is the price tag. Marked at $579,000, it is only $50,000 cheaper than the Knight XV. With its considerably lighter frame, however, one can hope to coax better mileage out of the 63 gallon fuel tank than with the armored version. In these tight economic times, everything helps.


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