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Aston Martin 1959 Le Mans race car Now an Automotive Art

Evanta Motor Company produced the ultimate artwork for savviest Aston Martin classic car collectors in the form of a life-size 1:1 scale model of the Aston Martin 1959 Le Mans winning car.

Fans of Aston Martin classic cars are all eyes and ears to the latest handmade creation by UK based, Evanta Motor Company – a life size replica of the famous Aston Martin 1959 Le Mans race car. Much more than a 1:1 car model, this is a rare, piece of automotive art that encapsulates in great detail the winning spirit of the iconic race.

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Picture it, the year was 1959 and Carroll Shelby and Roy Salvadori drove for 24 hours to win the Le Mans auto race. There was a style to the vehicles that crossed the finish line that day, but none matched that of the victorious car, 1959 Aston Martin. That very look has been captured in a life-scale model of the original automobile.

The word “car” is not even appropriate when describing this mesmerizing, giant artwork. 6.35 meters long and 3.3 meters high –spectators will be awestruck by its grandeur, beauty and attention to detail. It is a perfect replica of the original race car, right down to four 16” wire wheels, ‘Mota Lita’ 15” wood rimmed steering wheel, full dashboard, and two race seats upholstered in the Aston Martin fashion. Accessorized with a replica of the trophy and the original racing cap signed by Shelby and Salvadori – this creation is a gem for savvy Aston Martin classic car collectors.

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Built in the style of an AirFix kit, the full size model includes individually labeled parts and airfix tags, as well as the entire body shell of DBR1. Finished in Aston Martin Californian Sage Green with race livery, and fitted with screens and lights, this replica is so rich in intricate detail that it makes you wonder if the original was ever dissected to make this item.

Celebrating the timeless finesse of the classical Aston Martin, this automotive art work is also a true homage to the renowned drivers that won the race as to Ted Cutting, chief engineer that designed the car, all of which passed away this year. This detailed replica serves to capture not only the memory of these three great men, but also the magic of the day and the famous victory. All in all, the Aston Martin Le Mans race car model is the ultimate addition to only the best of car collections with the right accommodation facilities.


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