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Most Stolen Luxury Vehicles in 2009

The FBI just released statistics for 2009 most stolen luxury cars. That year about 800,000 high end vehicles were stolen, costing the nation approximately 5.2 billion dollars. Read on The one person who loves your luxury vehicle as much as you is not your spouse, your kids or your dogs.

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Conquest Vehicle Inc Launches its First Unarmored SUV

The Conquest Evade is the first non-armored SUV launched by Conquest Vehicles Inc., manufacturers of mega-luxurious, fully armored, handcrafted sport, utility vehicles. It certainly is nice but the question still remains: Why? These are the thoughts that run through the mind while considering the newest offering from luxury SUV builder,

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1895 Buffum 4-cylinder Stanhope: Selling the Icon of American Motoring

Bonhams is auctioning a piece of automotive history with the 1895 Buffum 4-Cylinder Stanhope, the world’s oldest four-cylinder functional automobile. As an indicator of rarity, the most casual internet search of “H.H. Buffum Co” will take the user to a dozen websites with information about the pioneering auto maker, Herbert

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Silver Cloud II: The Rolls-Royce beneath the Crystal

Rolls-Royce done the impossible by turning their core model of motor cars, the Silver Cloud II, into a Jewel. Find out how. On July 17th, Rolls Royce and Swarovski unveiled their first cooperative project at Munich’s Four Seasons hotel. At the gala, a pair of ballerinas pulled back the cover

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Sport Elegant: 2013/14 New Cars

Fuel efficiency, sportiness and style are taking center stage once more in the new car models 2013-2014. Fuel efficiency and sleek, sporty styling best describe the new cars for 2013 and 2014, some of which have been already released for sale in the U.S. BMW i3 Electric Car BMW has

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Aston Martin 1959 Le Mans race car Now an Automotive Art

Evanta Motor Company produced the ultimate artwork for savviest Aston Martin classic car collectors in the form of a life-size 1:1 scale model of the Aston Martin 1959 Le Mans winning car. Fans of Aston Martin classic cars are all eyes and ears to the latest handmade creation by UK

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