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Affogato – The Special Joys of A Little Something

Sometimes, you only want a little something—a touch, a taste, a small simple pleasure. Italian cuisine is a treasure-house of little somethings—“un pocco morso.” From a sliver of melon wrapped in a slender ribbon of prosciutto to flavor-filled Affogato, a very mature homage to dessert, small Italian dishes exemplify luxury in their

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Desserts You Must Try Before You Die

The following desserts from around the world are worth the extra pound or two. Sweets, sweets and more sweets – find out how the world celebrates its sweet tooth crave. There’s no shame in having a sweet tooth, but if you are getting tired of the same old pies and

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Classic Diet Moments

Trying to keep fat off is a continuous battle for most of us. We sweat at the gym and eat leafy greens in a massive effort to slim and trim down. But some foods are simply irresistible when encountered on certain times of the day –what are they and when

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No to Sugar Rush

Rush, crush, crave, consume and so forth – this is the vicious circle of the sugar addiction. Aside from suppressing the immune system and evoking diabetes, the highs and lows derived from consuming sugar and white flower stress out the adrenals, resulting in mood swings, anxiety and exhaustion. Stop sugar

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Why Eat Hummus?

Mashed chickpea concoction may sound highly questionable but in actual fact is an amazingly delicious treat enjoyed by many cultures for centuries. High in protein, low in fat, hummus is a nutrient packed snack that does wonders to your body.  Gone are the days when you must travel to a

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Caviar puts Luxury in Food

Caviar has long been associated with the rich, not surprisingly as it is the world’s most expensive food. Caviar is the staple of luxury culinary. Find out how to appreciate the delicate taste of this edible finesse. When it comes to the luxuries in life, we want the best. Whether

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Food as Aphrodisiacs: Fact or Fiction?

Some foods are regarded as pleasure enhancers, but can they scientifically boost libido and amplify sex drive? Who does not want a little assistance to get in the mood now and again? You or your loved one might be stressed, incredibly busy, worried all of which are preventing you from

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Doubting the Healthier Aspect of Organic Food

Unlike their conventional equivalent, organic food is not sprayed with chemicals, synthetic pesticides and antibiotics. Costing up to 100 percent more than regular produce, organic is the healthier choice that many of us simply can’t afford to buy on a regular basis. Why pay more to eat organic? Is it

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How America Reshaped World Cuisine

Can you imagine Italy’s culinary without tomatoes? North, central and South America introduced key ingredients to the world, many of which are used by different cultures to cook their staple dishes. From potatoes to tomatoes and chocolate – find out what foods originated in America.  When people think of cuisine

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Top 10 Foods to Fight off the Flu

Scratchy throat, congested nose, and a headache are all too familiar, too annoying symptoms of the flu. But reaching to the medicine cabinet is not the wisest of steps. Try the refrigerator instead. From the famous chicken soup to strawberries and hot peppers, here is a list of the top

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