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Most Expensive Cars Owned By Celebrities

Even if you are not an avid car aficionado, you would still love to know the machines that your favorite stars drive! Take a look at the list of those ten celebrities who drive the most expensive cars. The lives of fame-struck Hollywood stars are often drooled upon; be it

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Five of the Most Expensive Holiday Destinations in the World

The cost of living in one part of the world varies from the other but the well-heeled travelers always like to have the list of exquisite travel destinations in hands, regardless of the culture, the scenic extravagance and the expense! Be it drug-fuelled night-out parties in a private limousine in

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Most Expensive iPhone Case

The latest innovation and most awaited creation by Apple, iPhone 5 arrived in stores only to be out staged by its case. What is its price tag? Super expensive.  Imagine sitting down to dinner with a competitive colleague and you each pull out your cell phones. Though you are each

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Most Expensive Photos

Great pictures capture not only an image but also a piece of history. A photo  should kindle a sense of awe and nostalgia in its viewer. What makes a picture more valuable? Take a look at the most expensive pictures ever and judge for yourself. Looking at the most expensive

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World’s Most Expensive Hotels

Mega rich travelers have the money to spend on hotel rooms that include a little bit more than a bed, TV, bathroom and wi-fi. How about hotel suits that cover entire floors, private butlers, and helicopter pads? Indulge in the world’s most expensive hotel rooms. When you travel you want

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Most Expensive Handbags

Handcrafted from Italian leather, adorned with expensive jewels or branded by a renowned fashion house – a high quality handbag is a girl’s best friend, aside from diamonds. Checkout the most expensive handbags ever made. They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but why limit yourself to just

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World’s most Expensive Cigars

For some, cigars are the luxurious version of the cigarette, others see the cigar as an elite status symbol. A good cigar will cost just under 11 dollars, not bad for a little bit of luxury. Super rich cigar smokers are willing to pay much more for their favorite cigar.

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Most Expensive Bikes

With high fuel prices and pollution, more people are opting for environmentally friendly bicycling instead of driving. Even those who can tolerate the escalating fuel prices, go for the bike now and then. What are the most expensive and impressive high end bicycles for the uber rich? Some people bike

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Most Expensive Divorces in 2012

Divorce is not only one of the most stressful experiences in life, it is also one of the costliest if the couple’s net worth is sky high. What were some of the most expensive breakups of 2012? Divorce is painful emotionally and financially for most people. When the financial stakes

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World’s Most Expensive Employees

Who are the world’s most expensive or highest paid employees? Find out here. There are high achievers in all fields of work who continue to make huge salaries even in recessionary times. Most of these leave the rest of paid workers in the dust. There are qualities—as well as the

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