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Most Expensive Dog Breeds

What are the most expensive dog breeds? And what makes a specific breed that much expensive? Read on. We call a dog a man’s best friend, but some friends are more expensive than others! A purebred dog is one that you can reliably expect to be a certain size, to

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Most Amazing Pools

Swimming pools come in many shapes and sizes, but there are the rarefied few that take your breath away with their sheer elegance and grandeur. Take a look at a collection of the world’s most amazing swimming pools, most of which are engineering wonders in their own right. You’ll need

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Laptops for Those with Extra Cash

If you are looking for a unique laptop, and have the required sum of money to spend, checkout most expensive laptops on the market today. The average cost of a good laptop ranges around $500. Some though, are priced well beyond the $1000 mark. Checkout a few of the most

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Most Expensive Desserts

“Yummy, yummy, yummy, I’ve got love in my tummy” – that’s exactly what you will be singing after your eyes devour our countdown of the most expensive desserts ever. Eat with your eyes! It’s easy to say that you’ve got rich tastes, but what happens when it comes to dessert? You don’t want to

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Most Expensive Shoes

Shoes are a favorite accessory for both sexes. You don’t have to lose weight to fit into a pair, and they can definitely make or break an outfit. Checkout the most expensive shoes ever. Prepare to be shoedazzled! Like an expensive handbag on a woman or a classy watch on

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Most Expensive Gym Memberships

Trying to burn off fat and build muscle tissue is far from a luxurious experience – or is it? Think again with a countdown of the most expensive fitness clubs in America. Most people dread working out. Gyms can be very unappealing places with all the sweaty equipment, body odors,

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World’s Most Profitable Musician

Who are the highest paid musicians of our time? Read on. Musicians that make it to the top get paid well. It’s a fact that we’re all aware of and accept. However, have we ever thought about just how much money they’re making? Worth it or not, these bands and

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Most Expensive Apps

Apple’s App Store is an interesting mix of cheap and super expensive apps. Business has rounded up the 15 priciest apps costing hundreds of dollars. Read on for a sample of the most expensive apps. Apps are becoming more useful and more sophisticated by the minute. Many companies are

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Most Expensive Shopping Mall

The Bawadi project in Dubailand, Dubai is going to be the world’s most expensive shopping mall if ever completed. Plans called for the 4 million square foot of shopping paradise to be completed by 2012 for a whopping $2.7 billion, but the 2008 financial crisis slowed down construction and probably

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The Five Most Expensive Cities in the World

Were we’ll we spend the most on rent, food, tax, and in general, on living life? Read on for the most costliest cities in the world. Cities are thriving hubs of culture and humanity, a testament to what can be accomplished when millions of people are thrown together and forced

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