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Much Ado About Leather

Leather goods are timeless pieces, transcending fashion and history with effortless chic that is always relevant. Knowing the hows, whys and wheres of the leather industry goes a long way in selecting high quality leather-licious products. High quality leather products don’t cost your spare change. Expensive as they are, leather

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Luxury’s Big 3 Resilient to Economic Slowdown

LVMH, PPR and Richemont, luxury’s biggest three conglomerates, are reporting strong earnings despite low demand for high-end goods, Europe’s debt crisis and China’s slowdown. How can that be? Increased consumer interest in hard luxury. As the global recession hits again, analysts are shocked at the growth and earnings of the

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Leather Jacket: Find the Perfect Fit

A timeless staple in the wardrobe – perfectly fitted leather jackets are always relevant and stylish for the cold months of the year. Finding a leather jacket is easy, finding the ideal one for your size and character is a challenge that most men shy away from. In the search

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Why Luxury Lost its Meaning

The luxury fashion industry is no longer about designing and manufacturing unique objets de luxe for the rarefied few, but is focusing on mass producing , mass manufacturing and mass marketing for, well, the masses. How did luxury lose its meaning in the fashion world?  Luxury is fast leaving its

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Italian Pret-a-Porter

Italian fashion artists of the 1950s recognized the growing need for accessible, comfortable and yet equally refined clothing lines that would bridge the gap between French couture and the sport elegance trade popular in America. The never-ending boom of the Italian pret-a-porter was about to be set in motion. Dolce

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Gentlemen Essentialism by Tom Ford

Tom Ford, a designer and filmmaker, brilliantly summarizes what every gentlemen needs. Without further ado, read on for the essentials according to Tom Ford. Every gentleman needs a measure of savior-faire, a coat of sophistication and a close reading of Tom Ford. Ford is the man who can question Vogue

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A Brief about Briefcases

Choosing the right leather briefcase to fit your needs is not a matter of fact. Read on to find out how to select the perfect briefcase that is beautiful, functional and durable. The briefcase has long been a symbol of power, wealth and luxury, and though you know that you

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Luxury Brands Sell Anything but Clothing in India

India’s luxury consumers are interested in buying much more than elite branded clothing. How about Hermes porcelain plates or Burberry’s fragrances? In India demand for hard luxury goods such as jewelry, crockery or home decor exceeds that of high fashion.  With the struggling economy in the United States and Europe in the

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Nolcha Fashion Week: Nourishing Promising Designers to their Big Break

When the power to make or break a new designer lies in the hands of several key figures, specifically Anna Wintour – something is indeed rotten in the ecosystem of the fashion world. Bypassing fashion’s traditional gatekeepers, Nolcha Fashion Week, allows new talent to grow, develop and excel in the

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How to Care for Leather Shoes

You’ve invested a hefty sum on your leather shoes, it makes perfect sense not to store them at the back of your closet to gather dust. Find out how to care for your leather shoes. Fine leather shoes are like a good investment. They cost hundreds of dollars and require

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