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Affogato – The Special Joys of A Little Something

Sometimes, you only want a little something—a touch, a taste, a small simple pleasure. Italian cuisine is a treasure-house of little somethings—“un pocco morso.” From a sliver of melon wrapped in a slender ribbon of prosciutto to flavor-filled Affogato, a very mature homage to dessert, small Italian dishes exemplify luxury in their

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How To Care For Fine Leather in Summer

Buying a fine leather purse or wallet carries with it the anticipation of using something beautiful for a long time. Some simple care-steps performed year-round will keep your luxury leather bag supple and glowing. In addition to your regular care-routine, keep a special eye out for the unique hazards of

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What Shall you Drink with your Cigar?

What drink should you pair with your cigar? Actually there is no straightforward answer, it’s down to individual preferences. Nonetheless if you like to drink and smoke, take a look at the best beverages to wash down the lingering, smoky flavor. You often hear of people trying to determine the

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Goop: Spreading Gwyneth Paltrow's Latest on Fresh Food

Healthy recipes are not hard to find, the problem is finding the ones that are easy to prepare at home. Now there is a website devoted to easy, clean recipes, and better yet, it’s the personal creation of A-Lister, Gwyneth Paltrow.  The website is The source of these recipes, to

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Who Did You Call Ugly?

Although we are well into 2013, Forbes decided to take a hindsight look at the ugliest cars of 2012. Any guesses? A memorable automobile is a perfect synergy of engineering brilliance and graceful design, of course manufacturing comes to play here too, as does marketing. The secret ingredient is collaboration.

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Oscar Fashion: Awkward Moments on the Red Carpet

The annual academy award is the biggest, most important event in Hollywood. Stars go into extreme measures to look a walking perfection on the red carpet. It’s every actor’s dream to receive a golden status, but what about a place on the worst Oscar dress list? A quick scan at

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