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Affogato – The Special Joys of A Little Something

Sometimes, you only want a little something—a touch, a taste, a small simple pleasure. Italian cuisine is a treasure-house of little somethings—“un pocco morso.” From a sliver of melon wrapped in a slender ribbon of prosciutto to flavor-filled Affogato, a very mature homage to dessert, small Italian dishes exemplify luxury in their

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Most Expensive Houses of Celebrities

When you earn more than what you can spend, you are not left with any other option than making flamboyant investments. That is exactly what celebrities do! They splurge on expensive watches, deck their wardrobes with designer clothes and build majestic mansions that boast all those amenities that a commoner

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Splash in Style

Forget your standard backyard swimming pool, here you’ll find water parks. Celebrity pools unleashed. Need a little inspiration for your butterfly stroke? From waterfalls to patio bars, the swimming pools of the stars will make you wish you had a few million dollars to splash on your own aquatic playground.

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Extending Your Home In One Week

Home extensions are very expensive and complicated remodeling projects that require plumbers, electricians and building contractors. With a prefabricated home extension you can forget all that. Read on. If an individual is extending his or her home, it will be necessary to coordinate with electricians, plumbers, zoning regulators, building contractors and a

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World’s Wackiest Homes

People are thinking outside the box when it comes to building their dwellings. Infused with inspiration and green motivation, some of the following homes are unique as they are strange. Expressing one’s self through the home is taking a literal spin in the world’s wackiest houses. For some people, homes

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Sweet Dreams are Made of This

When it comes to the bedroom, it is best to avoid crazy patterns and clash of colors, even if you are a flamboyant individual. Create a restful and peaceful space to guarantee a good night’s sleep. Get inspired with the following celebrity bedrooms. When it comes to celebs, we want

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Glitz and Glamour in the Bathroom

Forget your standard toilets and tubs, celebrity bathrooms are all about embracing luxury. Fireplaces, saunas, and mega showers are just some of the deluxe features in the bathrooms of the rich and famous.  Just take a look. Most people think that a complete bathroom involves a toilet, a tub and

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Tweaking All American Design

Elle Décor selected US cities that are giving their own fresh, contemporary interpretations on the traditional, all American home interior design. In the making of a new style influenced by inspiration and innovation from coast to coast.  The all American design is no longer about country kitchen. US Cities are

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Carrie Bradshaw’s Iconic Apartment Sold

If you are a Sex and the City fan as you are a real-estate buff, then read on for all the hot details on Carrie Bradshaw’s townhome sale. The inspiration for the home of fictional relationship writer and fashionista, Carrie Bradshaw, debuted on real estate market listings in November 2011.

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Green with Envy: Most Luxurious Eco Homes

Going green does not mean losing your sense of style. On the contrary, the green revolution offers elegant and sophisticated home decor solutions to fit the wants and needs of the trendsetters among us. Read on for most luxurious green dwellings. Preserving the welfare of the environment is increasingly becoming more important

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