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Most Expensive Timepieces That the Famous Celebs Wear

Celebrities set the trend; whether it’s the color of their cars, the way they lace their shoes or the watches they wear. Some celebrities even sport timepieces that cost more than their cars! Let us take a look at some of those renowned celebrities who flaunt expensive timepieces. 10. Kayne

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What To Watch In A Watch

The fact that you have money to shell out on a high-end luxury watch does not make you an expert on the subject. Opt for longevity over instant gratification. Before buying your luxury watch, consider the following traits. We all know that a good timepiece is an investment. Choose wisely

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Time is of the Essence: Timepieces for the World’s Leaders

What watches do leaders of the world wear? Find out here When people in powerful positions wear a timepiece, it can sometimes speak volumes about their attitude. For history’s powerful men and women time is of the essence – just take a look at the bling they’re sporting on their

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World’s Best Jewelry Designers

Jewelry designers are not hard to find, there are lots of them. But only a rarefied few are considered the world’s best jewelry houses, due to their high quality products and unique designs. Which are they? For the rich and famous, diamonds from any old jeweler simply won’t do. These

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Movie Watchmania

Movies in the 21st Century are less about emotions and more about watches. Wait, what?! Here you can check out some of the most complicated mechanical watches or extremely accurate timepieces worn by leading characters in famous movies. Don’t forget the popcorn! Television and movies have often shaped popular trends

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Classic Women’s Watches

What are the most popular classic watches for women? Find out here Trends come and go, but classic styles are forever. Watches are the same as shirts and pants. If you ladies want to stay fashionable all year round without having to spend a fortune every season, here are some

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Luxury Dive Watches for the World’s Best Swimmer

When you pair an Olympic swimming champion with a Swiss luxury watch-manufacturer – what do you get? Dive watch sensation! Smashing Olympic records and adorned with no less than 22 gold medals, Michael Phelps reflects all the right attributes to become the Omega’s official ambassador. So what does the future

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Creative Writing: Funny Pen Designs

When inspiration flies out the window, and you are stuck on the same sentence for hours, you are deep in the writer’s block zone. Highly frustrating, a blank mind is a writer’s worst fear. Muse over the following crazy pen designs and say goodbye to your dry writing periods. All

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The Secret Behind the Greubel Forsey Balanciers

To own a rare, luxury watch is a treat to any serious watch collector. discovered the Greubel Forsey Balanciers, a watch that was never supposed to be made. Read on. People become obsessed with possessing the most unique items for their collections. If you love timepieces, you may want

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Hard Luxury Brands Use Apps to Retain Customers

Luxury jewelry and high-end watch brands are using the app strategy to retain customer loyalty. Read on to find out how. Shoppers keep going back to retailers that offer them consumer rewards and after sales follow ups. At present, companies use different techniques for keeping in touch with past customers.

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