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Top Five Celebrity Yachts

The super-deluxe yachts owned by the super-rich celebs are full of lavish amenities that speak ounce about their affluent status. Read on to know about the nicest yachts that some of the renowned celebs own. The super-rich celebs can own whatever they want – mansions in multiple countries that can

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Sailing in Millions of Dollars

Luxury yachts of the rich and famous are a treat to the eye. See for yourself! In terms of sheer scale, there are few luxury goods that can compare to the extravagant superyachts roaming the ocean today. While large private yachts have long been desirable to those with the resources

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Topaz: World’s Fourth Largest Yacht

147 meters long, Topaz is the fourth largest mega yacht. Like the name implies, Topaz is indeed a gem sailing the seven seas. Apart from size, this super yacht is the hot spot for the rich and famous who want to admire the sublime beauty of the ocean. Yachts are

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World’s Beautiful Yachts

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to yachts, the bigger and more luxurious they are, the finer they become. gathered the 50 most beautiful yachts in the world according to size and lavishness. How made the final ten? Find out here. World’s best

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Funny Yacht Name

A yacht’s name reflects on the character and feel of the boat. It’s an eye-catcher just as the boat is. From ‘Seas the Day’ to ‘Vitamin Seas’ take a look at some of the best name puns floating on the sea. When you buy a yacht, you are either finding

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Yacht Designs Gone Insane

Floating islands, a deck for launching submarines or sailing on the side – are just some of the most bizarre yacht designs floating around. Extremely entertaining to the eye and mind, but lacking practicality or ability to actually sail the waters without sinking, the following yacht concepts are too wacky

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Diamonds are Forever: 007 Meets Superyacht

The 61 meters Benetti superyacht “Diamonds are Forever” pays homage to the legendary British superspy, James Bond. Elegant, sleek and sophisticated, the 007 inspired superyacht oozes style and class as it participates at the Cannes Boat Show.  This yacht is truly worthy of its name, Diamonds are Forever. When you’re

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Azzam: Taking Title of World’s Largest Yacht from Russia

Forget the world’s largest yachts, 2013 is awaiting a bigger, more luxurious mega yacht. The owner, a mystery billionaire, is sparing no expenses when it comes to building his 590 foot, 6 stories high ship – “Azzam”. When completed, Azzam will surpass in size and height the largest yacht to

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Super Size my Yacht

Apparently size also matters in the boating world. The length indicates the size of private motor yachts. If you like your luxury spread out across many feet of space above the sea, check out the world’s longest motor luxury yachts. The world’s elite not only enjoy the expansive space that

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David Neelman: The Messiah of Jet Fuel?

David Neelman, JetBlue Founder, has found his “next big thing” in aviation. Neelman is on the search to tackle aviation’s most acute problem – high jet fuel prices. More specifically, how to convert natural gas into jet fuel. Read on. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention and

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