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Ten of the Most Expensive Wines in the World

You don’t have to be an ardent aficionado to admit that wine is the insignia of aristocracy that redefines class and sophistication. Even though if you are not too keen about including a new bottle in your vintage collection, fantasizing about luxury and delving into the wonderful list of the

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Famous Cigar Lovers

Some notable figures are inseparable from their cigars. In fact their public persona is depicted around their huffing and puffing habits. Read on for famous puffers. An appreciation of a fine cigar goes hand-in-hand with the image of famous people. Fine cigars are smoked by warriors, presidents and dictators. Here

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Top Five Champagnes

What are the 5 best champagnes in the world? Read on. It’s extraordinary to think that champagne was the result of a happy accident. Champagne was “invented” after all, when monks started bottling wines before their first fermentation, which caused it to be full of delightful but troublesome bubbles. They

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Famous Wine Regions

Unveil the enchanting secrets behind the production process of the finest wines from France to Tuscany’s vineyards and California’s Napa Valley. Explore here the most famous wine regions in the world. Wine has a deep and varied history, and if you love the idea of understanding where items on your

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The Art of Serving Wine

Pour to impress. Find out how to serve wine the right way. Even if you are used to ordering the finest vintages at restaurants, you may not have the first of clues on how to serve it right. Serving wine is an art, but luckily it is one that you

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Fine Wine: Beverage or Asset?

Instead of keeping our money in the bank we seek high ROI alternatives. Some of us buy shares, others buy properties, and sometimes we even invest in both. Is it now time to invest in liquid assets, more specifically in the fine wine market. In a struggling economy, a number

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Super Tuscan Wine: The Rebel of Reds

What exactly does “Super Tuscan” signify? Why do these wines usually carry a three figured price tag? Read on to find out. If Italy is a booted leg, than Tuscany is located at about mid-thigh. Chianti is a district within this scenic region, and wine from Chianti must follow strict

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Movies and Cigars

Cigars are a favorite prop in Hollywood movies. In fact much more than a prop, the cigar is used in movies to convey a mood, character and meaning. What are the most famous cigar movies? Over the years, cigars have become synonymous with affluence, power, and a certain air of

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Fine Wine in the Digital Space

Unlike other luxury goods, selling fine wine online is a challenge. After all, one cannot return a bottle of Dom Perignon after “trying it on”. Can the wine industry overcome its operational difficulties and finally capitalize on the promise of e-commerce? While it has been simple for many luxury goods

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It’s All in the Label: Creative Wine Label Designs

Flavor or style? A wine’s label design influences the purchasing decision of the buyer, apparently more so than taste. In fact the design itself can make or break the selling success of a new wine. In an age where looks is (almost) everything, check out some of the more impressive

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