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How Not to Paralyze the Taste of Wine

In what temperature should red and white wine be served? How to distinguish quality wine from average? Find out how to know your wine. Chill your whites and cool your reds. Wine is not quite so simple. Instead, learning a bit about how to serve wines at the proper temperature

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Top 10 Most Influential People in the U.S. Wine Industry

Find out how are the top 10 influential wine people in the U.S. From winemakes to bloggers and sommeliers, these are the people impacting how wine is made, marketed, sold, and purchased. The decision to purchase a particular bottle of wine or order a certain type of wine from a

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Top 10 Cigar Brands

While people will always have their favorites and biases toward specific labels, it’s always a smart move to go with a product from a reputable manufacturer if you don’t want to get ripped off. As far as cigars go, the following names are usually mentioned when people talk about the

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Teasing out Wine Making Secrets from the Sea

Does wine age better at sea? A trio of French wine lovers set out to test the ancient myth.  Neptune holds many secrets in his locked treasure chest under the sea, but a winemaker from the Bordeaux region may have found a key. The story begins with Bruno Lemoine who

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Wine: A Diet Beverage?

A 2010 study reveals that women drinking moderate quantities of wine on a regular basis are less likely to gain weight than female non-drinkers. Shall we hit the pub instead of our local gym? Read on. If you are a woman who enjoys her wine, you are in a lot

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Myth Busters: Common Misconceptions about Wine

Confusing, misguiding and difficult are just some of the words used to describe the world of wine. Simplify your wine experience by knowing myth from truth. When you want to make a great impression at dinner, whether it is that hot date or a prospective client, don’t be afraid to

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Pour it Out

Transferring or decanting wine from one vessel to another improves its taste. How is that possible? Read on to find out. Whether you have guests that you want to impress or you are looking to expand your wine education, you’ll soon find that you are confronted with the idea of

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The Older the Better

This post celebrates the glory of mature wines. Offering exquisite aromas and tastes with every sip, mature wine proves that age does wonder to the body… of the flavor.   Wine is an indulgence that many people partake in without a second thought. We realize there is a certain mystique

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A Symphony of the Finest Italian Wines

What are some of the finest Italian wines? Read on.  Wine is to the Italian palate what opera is to the Italian ear – a series of notes that create the desired synthesis, intensity, and flavor. Oenotria, as the Greeks called Italy, meaning the land of wine, was prized for

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How to Create the Perfect Synergy of Food and Wine

To experience the magic created by the perfect “food wine” synergy, treat wine as a condiment rather than a beverage. Taste food and wine simultaneously, not separately.  Here’s a secret you won’t find in many food and wine magazines: There are many people who quite successfully pair fish with red

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