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Caviar puts Luxury in Food

Caviar has long been associated with the rich, not surprisingly as it is the world’s most expensive food. Caviar is the staple of luxury culinary. Find out how to appreciate the delicate taste of this edible finesse.

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When it comes to the luxuries in life, we want the best. Whether we are entertaining friends or having a nice evening in, the best food the world has to offer is of the utmost importance.

So what should you serve when trying to please particular taste buds, while also offering a wonderful, rich experience? Caviar is still one of the foods most commonly associated with luxury and class. Serving caviar a great way to add that extra splash of decadence to any event, large or small.

It is imperative that one chooses only the finest quality caviar and knows how to properly serve it so as to get the most out of his or her dining experience.

Types of Caviar

There are three main types of caviar: Beluga, Ostera and Sevruga. While all of these varieties are known for their glistening, gorgeous appearance and luscious taste, many believe that Beluga is the best type of caviar available.

Unfortunately, due to overfishing, Beluga is the most expensive and hardest to find, but there are many specialty producers that obtain various types of caviar using sustainable methods which will help ensure a future for this luxury product.

Beluga, while being the most expensive and popular does not mean that the other varieties are inferior. All three are of the highest quality and known for their exceptional, unique taste.

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Serving Suggestions

Caviar should be the star of any dish. It is the main event, so to speak. That is why it is recommended that pairings with caviar be simple, so as to showcase the excellent flavor of this luxury food.

Most often, caviar is served with crackers or toast points that allow the flavor of the caviar to dominate each bite. Small savory pastries such as blinis, with a bit of creme fraiche is a great way to showcase the caviar in a slightly more sophisticated manner.

Regardless of what is paired with the caviar, the caviar should be kept properly cold. It is best to store caviar in the refrigerator, sealed . Proper storage helps maintain the freshness, flavor and texture of the caviar.

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