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Classic Diet Moments

Trying to keep fat off is a continuous battle for most of us. We sweat at the gym and eat leafy greens in a massive effort to slim and trim down. But some foods are simply irresistible when encountered on certain times of the day –what are they and when do they become our diet foes?

When you are trying to eat healthy and lose weight, you may find that you are giving into temptation more than ever! Suddenly, all of the food that you can’t eat is taunting you, and the world has never seemed fuller of foods that you love.

Muffins at Breakfast
Muffins sound like such a good idea in theory. They are typically made with oil instead of butter, and they provide you with a sweet treat that has some staying power. In reality, eating muffins will be a huge mistake.

Muffins that are mass-produced are seldom better for you than cupcakes, and as a matter of fact, can be even greasier! When you want to enjoy muffins, consider making them yourself.

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Candy at Work
We need stimulation at work. Candy comes to the rescue as a quick source of energy when the 2 pm wall of fatigue sets in. However, the sugar is good for only a quick spike of productivity, and those calories will just not go away!

Candy is okay if you have a piece or two, but it is so easy to lose track. When you want to stick with your diet, skip the candy bowl and instead pack granola or energy bars to take to work with you.

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Everything at the Supermarket
Going to the supermarket on an empty stomach is a diet breaker. Instead of sticking to your pre-prepared grocery list, you cart fills up with high calories, fatty foes like chips, ice cream, chocolate and bad deli meat.

Before you go into the supermarket, have a quick snack. This can prevent you from wanting to buy the world.

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Snacks Late at Night
Do you ever catch yourself reaching for a snack every time your favorite show goes to commercial? You may be hungry, but more likely, you are bored. As we mentioned above, we eat to entertain ourselves, so think about why you are bored.

This might mean that you need something more interesting to do in the evening, or it might mean that you are simply staying up to stay up. Change your activities and see if you still need food. As a last alternative, go to bed early!

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Choosing healthy, nutrient packed food over high calorie, fatty yummies is more about will power than anything else. Exercising your will power will not only help you lose excess pounds, but will make you feel like a champion.

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