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Desserts You Must Try Before You Die

The following desserts from around the world are worth the extra pound or two. Sweets, sweets and more sweets – find out how the world celebrates its sweet tooth crave.

There’s no shame in having a sweet tooth, but if you are getting tired of the same old pies and candies, try some of these sweets from around the world. Most cultures have a deep love for confectionery, so make sure that you try some of these superstars of the international dessert set.

Gulab Jamun
Gulab jamun is a common dish in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, where it is most commonly eaten as a festival food or during times of celebration.

This dessert involves golfball-sized balls of milky dough being lightly deep-fried before being plunged into a rich sugar syrup.

The sugar syrup is typically flavored with rosewater or saffron, and the result is a sticky, overpowering dessert that is both rich and sweet.

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Qunidim at first glance looks a lot like a doughnut, but you don’t want to try to pick this dessert up! Qunidum is made from a confection of coconut, eggs and sugar, and the molded into a doughnut-like shape. It has the texture of flan or custard, however, so make sure that you grab a spoon before you dig in.

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Lokum is more commonly known to English speakers as Turkish delight, but this Turkish dessert has little to do with the dried candy that is often found at drugstores or foodie shops.

Instead of being hard and somewhat dry, real lokum is very soft and slightly damp. It is made from cream of tartar, sugar and corn starch, and flavored with rosewater or lemon.

It is often covered in crushed nuts, like pistachios or almonds. Lokum is cooked down from a sugar syrup over a long period of time, resulting in a very powerfully sweet taste.

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Crystallized Fruit
Crystallized fruit is a common festival dessert found throughout Asia, though it is most well known in China. A wide variety of fruits are cleaned and then dipped in a hot sugar syrup before being set to cool.

Some of the fruits which are used for this include Chinese thornapples and oranges. Not only is this dessert wonderfully sweet and delicious, it is also quite beautiful, as the sugar creates an ice-like coating over the fruit.

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Maple Taffy
If you are looking for a tasty natural sweet treat, you cannot go wrong with maple syrup, and of course Canada, one of the world’s leading producers of maple syrup, has made a dessert out of it.

Maple taffy is a fantastic as a natural dessert. Maple syrup is boiled for an extra long period of time before it is poured out on the snow for cooling. Then a lollipop stick is rolled in the taffy, allowing you to pick it up again.

The result is a sweet treat that is perfect for those who like a slightly smoky flavor with their dessert. Just be sure to watch out for your fillings!

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Desserts are a way for people all over the world to celebrate, so consider something new the next time you feel the pull of that sweet tooth!

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