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No to Sugar Rush

Rush, crush, crave, consume and so forth – this is the vicious circle of the sugar addiction. Aside from suppressing the immune system and evoking diabetes, the highs and lows derived from consuming sugar and white flower stress out the adrenals, resulting in mood swings, anxiety and exhaustion. Stop sugar coating your weight gain and fatigue, learn how to curb your sugar craving.

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If you are the kind of person who is always on the go, you definitely respect the power of a sugar rush. Whether you get your sugar rush from some powerful milk chocolate or you can’t get enough of your favorite sweet latte, you know that sugar can lift you up like nothing else can.

Of course, it can also let you down in a big way too, so if you are someone who is dealing with a sugar addiction, it is time to stop. A sugar addiction can be tough to beat, especially if you really invested in that rush, but it is far from impossible.

Checkout some of these tips to get you off the sugar train from healthy eating guru, Gwyneth Paltrow at

Eat More
It sounds counter-intuitive, but one of the best ways to beat a sugar addiction is to eat more. Sugar provides your body with quick energy that it processes very quickly. What your body really craves are sugars and nutrients that it can digest more slowly.

Snack before you are ravenous, and consider eating four or even five small meals instead of two or three large ones. This is a great way to make sure that your body suddenly doesn’t need a recharge from sugar!

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Log Your Sugar
Keep track of your sugar addiction to control. Log your meal times and what food you are consuming. Can you notice a pattern in your eating habits? Are you most prone to crave sugar in the lull of the day after lunch, or do you want some immediately after getting home from work?

Logging when and what you eat will help you figure out when you are the most vulnerable so you can prepare a snack beforehand to shake off your sugar craving.

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Find Substitutes
Remember that not all sugar is bad for you. Your body needs sugar for energy, though getting it through sweet drinks and candy is not the way to go about it! When you are craving something sweet, consider having a piece of fruit, a stick of sugarless gum or a piece of candy made from an artificial sweetener.

Many people find that it is entirely possible to wean themselves off of a sugar addiction simply by making sure that they always have a healthy alternative to fall back on.

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Reduce, Reduce, Reduce
Quitting sugar cold turkey is tough, reduce instead. Reduction ensures that you don’t feel deprived and therefore less likely to binge on sugars in a moment of fiery.

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Sugar addiction is hard to overcome but not impossible. Once you get on the right track of eating healthy food, you are likely to forget all about that sweet tooth of yours. Take it slow, don’t rush and be patient with yourself.

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