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Tasty Dishes around the World

Bypassing race, culture and religion, the people of the world share a sincere love for delicious food. collected the world’s 50 most tasty dishes from which we selected a few to share.

Every culture and country has foods that it is proud of, but when it gets right down to it, most of us are fairly egalitarian when it comes to delicious food. Though different cultures prize different tastes and different flavors, there are some foods that are really making the rounds when it comes to teaching us all about what we consider delicious.

Whether you are someone who is adventurous about food, or you are just curious about what people like to eat, checkout some of these classic world-wide favorites collected by

Vietnamese cuisine has exploded onto the current scene, and though the omnipresent Vietnamese sandwich, the banh mi is very fashionable, people all over the world agree that the signature noodle soup, pho, is where its at.

Pho involves thin glass noodles, meat of all types, bean sprouts and cilantro, all cooked in a heavenly anise-flavored broth. Some of the meats that are commonly used in this dish include pork, beef, shrimp and chicken.

This dish is served hot and liberally spiced with hot sauce and hoisin sauce, making it a deliciously savory meal for any time of the day.

Pho Beef-Noodle-Soup
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When it comes to dining, the French are known for their refined tastes, but the thin eggy pancake known as the crepe is as likely to be found on a street corner as in a fine restaurant.

Crepes are less sweet than United States pancakes, but they make up for it by being filled with delicious items. Some crepes are served sweet with whipped cream and fruit, while others are savory and served with mushrooms or meat.

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Maple Syrup- Canada
There are things out there that call themselves maple syrup, but the truth is that they are simply corn syrup mixed with sugar. When you have the real deal, however, you have a fantastic treat.

Real maple syrup is rich, incredibly sweet and slightly smoky. The high quality version of this syrup is tapped from trees and then boiled down with nothing else added. Pure maple syrup is a delight whether you eat it plain, eat it on flapjacks or use it for cooking.

Maple Syrup
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If you are someone who loves beef and rich and varied tastes, you need to try rendang. This is an Indonesian beef dish that uses spices as diverse as glangal, garlic, turmeric, ginger and lemongrass.

The entire affair is stewed in coconut milk for hours, creating an incredibly delicate, extremely fragrant dish. Though it can absolutely be served fresh, it is a stew and does incredibly well upon reheating.

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Chicken Muamba-Gabon
The equatorial country of Gabon has a great deal to offer in spices and strong flavors, and it all comes out in the impressively flavorful dish, chicken muamba. This is essentially a chicken dish cooked in a rich sauce that includes tomatoes, pepper, salt, okra and hot chili.  Everything is then drowned in palm butter for a fantastically rich dish.

Chicken Muamba
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When you are looking to try something a little out of the ordinary, don’t forget that there are many different international foods to choose from. There is no reason to be limited by what you know. Instead, see what other people in other countries are eating. Try it, you might like it!


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