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Most Expensive Bikes

With high fuel prices and pollution, more people are opting for environmentally friendly bicycling instead of driving. Even those who can tolerate the escalating fuel prices, go for the bike now and then. What are the most expensive and impressive high end bicycles for the uber rich?

Some people bike to save money on fuel, car repairs, car insurance, and car purchases. Well, the super-rich would rather blow their dough on bikes that cost 5 times that of a standard four-door sedan.

If you desire only the finest and most exclusive two wheeler transportation this world has to offer, the following bikes should meet your approval when you feel like riding around the local park.

1) Damien Hirst Trek Madone a.k.a. “Butterfly”
This one-of-a-kind custom bike is the most expensive ever made. Using the latest performance technologies, the Butterfly glides just as gracefully as it looks.

Used by the former professional cyclist, Lance Armstrong, this spectacle was sold for the astronomical price of half a million bucks.

With hundreds of real butterfly wings incorporated into the frame, some people might be glad to hand over that type of change for this unique piece, conceptualized by Hirst.

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2) Trek Yoshitomo Nara Speed Concept
Covered in hip anime artwork, this is one of the freshest bikes around. It’s like something you would see in an underground bike racing league on the streets of Tokyo.

The Trek Yoshitomo sports a carbon fiber frame for lighter weight and maximum speed. The icing on the cake is a hand-designed “Livestrong” logo slapped onto the upper frame in commemoration of the greatest bicyclist who ever lived.

Who wouldn’t want to drop 200 grand on such a gem?

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3) Kaws – Trek Madone
It seems that everything associated with the Armstrong name sells for a fortune. The Kaws is no exception. Featuring a black and yellow paint scheme and the “teeth” design on the wheels, this two-wheeler looks almost like it’s worth the $160,000 price tag.

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4) Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike
At first glance, this bike appears very simple and elegant. The design is very traditional, and there aren’t too many extra bells and whistles involved.

When you step in to take a closer look, you’ll quickly realize why the Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike is valued at over 100 Gs.

The frame is plated in solid gold and covered in hundreds of Swarovski crystals. Even the serial number carrier is constructed of pure gold. Talk about expensive taste.

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5) Trek Madone 7-Diamond
This variant of the Trek Madone is more glamorous than a designer gown on an A-list celebrity during a walk down the red carpet.

Like a high-maintenance girlfriend, it wears sparkling diamonds wherever they can be worn. The 7-Diamond even comes with a plaque made of precious metals and encrusted in over 7 carats of yellow diamonds arranged in a “7.”

If gaudy is your style, this bike will do it for you.

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6) Chrome Hearts x Cervelo Bike
Guys who are into Harleys and bar fights might like the Chrome Hearts x Cervelo Bike. This bad-boy was birthed during a collaborative effort with one of the best high-end bike makers in the industry.

With custom graphics all over the very uniquely-shaped body, this bike would be a welcome addition to any tough guy’s collection. Are you man enough to drop 60 Gs for this limited-edition ride?

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