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Most Expensive Divorces in 2012

Divorce is not only one of the most stressful experiences in life, it is also one of the costliest if the couple’s net worth is sky high. What were some of the most expensive breakups of 2012?

Divorce is painful emotionally and financially for most people. When the financial stakes are in the millions and billions, emotions seem to rise in proportion.

In recent years the divorce settlements of people like Tiger Woods who paid in the neighborhood of $100 million to Elin Nordegren and Frank McCourt who settled with Jamie McCourt for $131 million have captured worldwide attention.

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For some the road to final settlement takes years and includes millions of dollars in legal fees. For one couple the road to divorce was 17 years. Another couple spent 86 days in a Connecticut courtroom and paid $13 million in legal fees to end their marriage.

2012 has already seen some expensive divorces. In January Vanessa Bryant was granted a divorce from LA Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant with a settlement in range of $75 million.

A prenuptial agreement and a desire to protect their daughter brought a quick conclusion to the marriage of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Holmes was granted significant child support, jewels and other personal effects collected during the marriage. There is no pay out lump sum or spousal support for the actress.

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Stevie Wonder has filed for divorce from Kai Millard Morris after an 11 year marriage and the birth of two children. With substantial assets before the marriage and more acquired during, the division of assets will be complicated.

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Adrienne Maloof-Nassif businesswoman and television personality and Paul Nassif a rhinoplasty surgeon are engaged in a messy start to a divorce. The internet grapevine is  alive with rumors of a variety of misconduct including acquisitions of violence. At the center of the divorce conflict are the couple three children and millions of dollars.

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In another complicated and nasty divorce, professional football player, Deion Sanders was saved from a direct payout and spousal support by a prenuptial agreement. However, he is protesting the $10,000 monthly child support granted to ex-wife Pilar all the way to the Texas Supreme Court. Deion is protecting his net worth which is near $250 million.

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84 year old billionaire T. Boone Pickens and his soon to be ex-wife Madeleine are on the watch list for expensive divorces. So far the process has proceeded in an amicable fashion with apparent respect and understanding.

With an asset list hanging in the $2 billion range, the stakes are high. The settlement will depend in part on what sort of prenuptial agreement is in place.

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What will 2013 bring? Hopefully less divorces and more blissful marriages.

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