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Handcrafted from Italian leather, adorned with expensive jewels or branded by a renowned fashion house – a high quality handbag is a girl’s best friend, aside from diamonds. Checkout the most expensive handbags ever made.

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but why limit yourself to just jewelry? How does a diamond-encrusted handbag sound? If you want to have the best of both worlds, something from the following list of ultra-lush handbags might just tickle your fancy.

Diamond Forever Classic Handbag – Chanel
With a name that resembles a Bond film, it’ll take you some intel from MI6 to get your hands on one of these super-rare handbags. Liberally adorned with shining white gold and hundreds of crystal-clear diamonds, you will feel like you own the world with one of these under your arm. With only about a dozen available to the general public, you’re going to pay $261,000 for this rarity.

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Urban Satchel – Louis Vuitton
When most people picture “urban,” they think big cities with tall buildings covered in graffiti. Well, graffiti describes the look of this unique handbag nicely. From afar, the Urban Satchel is an indistinguishable mess of shapes and colors with straps.

Up close, you’ll be able to tell that it was pieced together with worthless everyday objects. In reality, it wasn’t even designed by LV but rather a random artist who put a $150,000 price tag on it.

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Cleopatra Bag – Lana Marks
This bag has got to be one of the hardest to acquire since there’s only one available each year. The problem is that A-List celebs usually snatch up the single Cleopatra bag on the market. For such a ridiculously exclusive piece, you’re going to pay a quarter of a million, that is, if you ever get the chance to buy one. That’s not likely though.

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Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag – Hermes
Animal skins have always been considered to be luxurious materials. Furs and leathers are especially highly desired because they can be very difficult to obtain. Of the world’s rare leathers, croc is one of the highest on the ladder of want.

This Hermes example is studded with ten carats of sparkling diamonds for extra appeal. If you can’t afford the premium version at $120,000, there are lesser models selling for an “affordable” five grand each.

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Ginza Tanaka’s Birkin Bag – Hermes
If you want to stand out from the crowd, try a modular bag made of solid platinum. The diamond-encrusted strap actually comes off the bag to function as a neckpiece. Shorten the length or double-wrap and you have a bracelet too. With the Birkin Bag, you pay one hefty sum of up to $88,000 for 3-in-1.

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1001 Nights Diamond Purse – Mouawad
If you want to splurge on the ultimate handbag, you have to make sure it has the reputation to make it worth your 3.8 million dollars investment. How does the title of “Most Expensive Handbag in the World” by the Guinness Book of World Records sound?

In direct sunlight, this blinding beauty is like a tiny star attached to your side with nearly 400 carats worth of diamonds. While you might grab the attention of every crook walking down the street, who wouldn’t be proud to own an ultra-portable diamond shop?

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While most people could never imagine spending a typical year’s salary on one handbag, those with overflowing bank accounts would jump on exclusive accessories like these in a heartbeat.

They say that things are only worth what people would pay for them, so six-figure handbags aren’t as ridiculous as you might think.

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