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Most Expensive iPhone Case

The latest innovation and most awaited creation by Apple, iPhone 5 arrived in stores only to be out staged by its case. What is its price tag? Super expensive. 

Imagine sitting down to dinner with a competitive colleague and you each pull out your cell phones. Though you are each boasting a fancy new iPhone 5, your colleague’s jaw drops when he sees the case that protects your smartphone. Compared to his $50 case that looks like tank armor, your one sparkles with bling. Talk about making a statement!

Adorned with rubies and natural sapphires, the world’s largest and most expensive iPhone case costs a whopping 100,000 dollars. New York based, The Natural Sapphire Company,  is the creative mind behind this showstopper.

The case is made of 18 carat gold and contains 169.8 carats of natural blue Ceylon sapphires, numbering 2,830 in total. The intricate design includes the Apple logo which is constructed of 38 red rubies and topped off with a single green sapphire as the leaf.

If you don’t have 100,000 dollars to spare, you can still make a statement with a case that is a little less expensive ( specifically around 90,000 dollars less expensive) , but almost equally luxurious. Take a look at these recent contemporary case designs for the iPhone 5.

Who needs sapphires and gold? At about 190 dollars you can purchase a case handmade of Italian leather with titanium and silver.

If leather is not your game, then maybe designing your own case using Swarovski  crystals is. It is hard to imagine setting a more luxurious tone than by expressing your creative desires in the form of the world’s most famous crystals.

Take a look at this golden lion case as an example of the intricate details that can be incorporated with Swarovski crystals. This case sells online for just under $300 dollars.

While you may have been one of the first people to purchase the iPhone 5, millions of people will be fellow-owners in no time. What better way to set yourself apart from your colleagues than keeping yours in a case that catches eyes and starts conversations?




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