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Great pictures capture not only an image but also a piece of history. A photo  should kindle a sense of awe and nostalgia in its viewer. What makes a picture more valuable? Take a look at the most expensive pictures ever and judge for yourself.

Looking at the most expensive pictures and the millions that people paid for them, makes one ask: What were you thinking?

Cindy Sherman earned a cool $3.9 million from Christie’s for her photo titled “Untitled #96.” You’d think for four million bucks you’d get a title thrown in.

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This is a photo,”99 Cent II Diptychon of items in a store, and it sold for $3.4 million. This sold at the height of the Dot Com bubble when people had money to burn.

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This romantic bichromate print, “The Pond-Moonlight”, by Edward Steichen fetched $2.9 million at a 2006 Sotheby’s auction. Note the date signed in crayon, at the height of the real estate bubble.

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The $1.7 million photo,”Kremlin of Tobolsk is a decently composed image of the ancient stone fortress in Siberia. Shot in winter, this photo sends shivers through your bones, comrade, and makes you look for warmth in that old bottle of vodka buried behind babushka’s pierogi mix. Za vas!

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Nude? No. Okay, maybe. Edward Weston specialized in photos of breasts, legs, thighs and butts back in the 1920s, and his heirs made $1.6 million with a side shot of a waist, rump and shoulder blades. This sounds more like a shopping list for the neighborhood butcher.

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This photo of Georgia O’Keeffe digging her nails into her palm makes dogs want to scratch their ears. Alfred Stieglitz had a passion for O’Keeffe’s form and photographed it hundreds of times. This particular pose, titled “Georgia O’Keeffe Hands,” landed $1.4 million.

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This under-exposed photo titled  “Georgia O’Keeffe Nude” doesn’t show Georgia scratching anything, so it only fetched $1.3 million. If only she scratched her puppy’s ears while nude, it might have earned more.

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This photo, “Dovima with Elephants” introduced fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent to the world. Maybe Kevin Costner bought this photo for $1.1 million, and we can look forward to a sequel titled “Dovima with Wolves.”

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“Nautills” depicts an unidentified object. No, it’s not that. This is a photo of the 1960’s pop culture cartoon dude who encourages everyone to “Keep on Truckin’.” He lent his cartoon nose to crawl out of a toilet brush bowl in this photo for $1 million.

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These photos prove that all is not well in the minds of a few of the wealthy. Disproportion may be considered an art form, but why pay for it so much money? Then again, it’s their dollars to spend how they wish. Keep on truckin’, rich dudes.

Featured Image Photo Credit: <a href=””>Photographer</a> by Anna Langova

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