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Most Expensive Cars Owned By Celebrities

Even if you are not an avid car aficionado, you would still love to know the machines that your favorite stars drive! Take a look at the list of those ten celebrities who drive the most expensive cars.

The lives of fame-struck Hollywood stars are often drooled upon; be it their glamorous and lavish lifestyle, the luxurious apartments or the fabulous cars they drive. From Maybachs to Rolls Royce, Bentley to Ferraris, we have narrowed down the list of top ten Hollywood celebrities who own or once owned the most expensive cars.

10. Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian
At number 10, we have one of the most renowned American television personalities, the glamorous model and actress, Kim Kardashian. Kim owns a Ferrari F430 which is worth some $186,925. Although Kim is often spotted with her Bentley Continental GT, but her Ferrari is far more expensive.
9. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton always wanted to own a pink colored car Paris Hilton needs no intro, does she? This American heiress, famous television personality, socialite, model, DJ and singer owns a Bentley GT Continental. As a matter of fact, this diva doesn’t own any ordinary Bentley; it has got a diamond-encrusted dashboard which is worth $285,000. Being one avid Barbie fan, Paris Hilton always wanted to own a pink colored car and no wonder, every inch of her Bentley GT Continental is pink!
8. Sean Combs

Sean CombsWe have Sean Combs in our list because he once owned a Maybach that was worth $360,000. However, P. Diddy (that’s how is popularly known!) had gifted the Maybach to his son Justin, on his 16th birthday.

7. David Beckham

David BeckhamDavid Beckham has been often spotted driving his custom Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead. This wonderful machine had cost him something around $407,000 when he bought it, but now, with all the customizations, like customized Savini Forged wheels, the price value of the car has skied up.

6. Jay Leno
Jay Leno is one die-hard car aficionado. Jay Leno is one die-hard car aficionado. It might be pretty hard to believe, but his property includes a 17,000 square feet garage space, built to accommodate the huge fleet of cars he boasts, that too of different makes and models. A 1906 Stanley Steamer and 1970 Dodge Challenger are two of the remarkable vehicles that he has in his collection, but the most expensive machine and his personal favorite is the Mercedes SLR McLaren, which is worth $500,000 dollars.

5. Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage purchasing Ferrari Enzo worth $670,000 did not raise an eyebrow.
Nicolas Cage purchasing Ferrari Enzo worth $670,000 did not raise an eyebrow. With F140 Aluminum V12 engine, the speed of the machine could touch 0 to 60 mph within a minute’s time. However, due to financial constraints, Nicholas Cage had to sell off this magnificent machine.

4. Jerry Seinfeld
Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell, one of the renowned television personalities and an entrepreneur is among the top three because of his Bugatti Veyron that is worth $1,700,000. Simon Cowell’s car collection also includes the Rolls-Royce Phantom and a Ferrari. Buggati Veyron is one of the fastest cars with its speed ranging up to 267mph.

2. Bryan Williams
Bryan Williams

Bryan Williams, known as Birdman or Baby, drives the model of Bugatti Veyron that costs approximately around $2million. Bryan’s model is much more expensive than the one that Simon Cowell owns and is the fastest car on earth.

1. Jay Z
Jay Z Maybach Exelero
World famous rapper Jay Z unarguably tops our list because he drives the most expensive car in Hollywood – Maybach Exelero. Jay Z has featured in the Forbes’ list of the wealthiest people in the world and it’s no surprise that he owns the most expensive car in Hollywood! Maybach Exelero which costs around $8,000,000 is a car that has striking resemblance to the Bat Mobile.  Maybach Exelero can touch a speed of more than 218mph.



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