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World’s most Expensive Cigars

For some, cigars are the luxurious version of the cigarette, others see the cigar as an elite status symbol. A good cigar will cost just under 11 dollars, not bad for a little bit of luxury. Super rich cigar smokers are willing to pay much more for their favorite cigar. How much more? Read on.

Cigars are a symbol of status, wealth, and power. Many consider them to be a step above cigarettes. However, some people want cigars that are a step above standard cigars. These individuals will hand over cold, hard cash for a puff of the best the world has to offer.

12) Padron 1964 Anniversary Natural
At $33 a pop, these Padrons are definitely more pricey than your average cigar. For that type of money, you get a faint burst of cocoa and espresso with each puff of the smoke. Enthusiasts will be able to detect the difference in flavor between the 4-year-aged tobacco used in these Padrons versus that used in el cheapo varieties.

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11) Stadivarius Churchill
These luxury cigars are produced in the Dominican Republic, named after a very famous and expensive violin. If you want a taste of this smooth-tasting smoke, expect to pay about 35 bucks for a single stick. Talk about an expensive hobby.

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10) Davidoff Royal Salomones
Quite possibly the gold standard of luxury cigars, the Royal Salomones are pretty hard to get your hands on. Even at the cost of $48 per cigar, these high-end cancer sticks sell out like hotcakes wherever they are stocked. That amounts to nearly $6 per inch!

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9) Louixs
Declared to be the finest and most expensive production cigar on the planet by the manufacturer, Louixs stogies surely have a good reputation in the smoker’s world.

Even though the makers of this top-notch cigar exaggerated highly about its value, $50 a piece isn’t exactly cheap either.

Regardless, Louixs are still classy enough to be the official choice of the Beverly Hills Cigar Club.

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8) Opus X BBMF
This super stogie is one of the greats by renowned American cigar maker Arturo Fuente. For a spendy 55 bucks, you can experience a cigar so amazing that it can only be described as a Big Bad puff of smoke!

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7) Don Arturo Edicion Aniversario
This special edition cigar was designed by Arturo Fuente’s son, Carlito Fuente, to celebrate his father’s legacy. The commemorative Don Arturo Edicion Aniversario debuted in 2008 and retails for $78 a stick. What a nice way to make more money for your dad, Carlito.

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6) Opus X A
This behemoth of a stogie has a length of 9.2 inches and is only sold in single units since it takes up too much space on store shelves. Considered to be even tastier and harder to come by than the previous Don Arturo cigars, The Opus X A will burn a $79 hole in your shark-skin wallet.

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5) Cohiba Behike
These ultra-rare smokes were made to mark the date of 40 years in business by Cuban cigar maker Cohiba. Again, this manufacturer claimed to have the most expensive cigar ever made in the Behike.

While that claim was refuted, these limited cigars were priced at a whopping $450. Since they were only sold in packs of 40, you would have to drop a gigantic sum of 18 grand.

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4) His Majesty’s Reserve
This elite cigar seems like it was made exclusively for royalty. After being aged for an eternity of 18 years, the tobacco is dunked into the rarest cognac on Earth–Louis XIII de Rémy Martin. They’re priced at an incredible $750 a unit.

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3) The Black Dragon
The insanely-limited original Black Dragon cigar demands a price of $1,150 each. This line is not the same as Gurkha’s current Black Dragon line, but for that price, it better give you the ability to breathe fire like one.

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2) Corojo #5 El Gigante
This enormous cigar can’t be smoked, but it’s packed with 1,600 pounds of tobacco valued at $200,000.

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1) 600-Year-Old Mayan Cigars
These ancient smokes were discovered in a Mayan ruin in Guatemala. Researchers believe that they are still in good enough condition to smoke. Even though it’s impossible to know the true value of such artifacts, these will likely sell at auction for an astronomical sum of money.

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