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How to Care for Leather Shoes

You’ve invested a hefty sum on your leather shoes, it makes perfect sense not to store them at the back of your closet to gather dust. Find out how to care for your leather shoes.

Fine leather shoes are like a good investment. They cost hundreds of dollars and require ongoing protection. Dust, dirt and neglect are a leather’s shoe worst nightmare. Find out how to care for your leather shoe so they last you a lifetime.

Leather Cleaner
Overtime your shoes will get dirty. Real leather cannot be cleaned with soap and water. Only a professional grade of leather cleaner will effectively remove stains and dirt. Saddle soap is one option, as is a shoe cleaner that is specifically made for smooth shoe leather.

No matter what leather cleaner you choose to perform the deed, carefully follow instructions. After all, you want to remove dirt not stain the shoe! Avoid discoloration accidents, by testing out the cleaner before applying the chemical allover the shoe.

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Leather is conditioned to help keep it soft and to protect it from cracking due to dryness. While some leather cleaners will also condition the leather, you’ll find that having a separate conditioner on hand is more effective. Remember to look for a conditioner that suits the type of leather shoe that you own.

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Shoe polish is toxic and harmful if absorbed through the skin or inhaled. To make sure that you suffer no ill-effects from polishing your shoes, always do it in a ventilated area, ideally with some kind of hand and face protection. If you would rather bypass the operation all together, consider allowing a shop to take care of it for you.

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If you own patent leather shoes, consider storing them in a canvas bag, which protects against scuffs and preserves their shine. Regardless of what kind of leather was used in their crafting, leather shoes do well in ventilated areas with a relatively cool temperature. To help your shoes maintain their shape, crumple newspaper and stuff it into the toes of the shoes.


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