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Best Dressed Women for 2012

People Magazine compiled its annual top 10 most stylish women for 2012. Who ranked first? Find out here.

Celebs are always in the limelight, so looking their best is always a priority. Here are some of the ladies that impressed People Magazine the most with their great sense of style.

10) Jennifer Lawrence

This sexy star really knows how to complement her curves. On top of knowing how to choose clothing that just makes her shine no matter where she’s at, Lawrence is versatile with her movie roles as well. She has a great sense of style that is as dynamic as her skills and personality.

Jennifer Lawrence
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9) Diane Kruger

This German fashionista always looks very elegant when she’s in the public eye. No matter what she drapes over her tall and slender physique, Kruger always has the appearance of a top model (which she actually was at one time). Long gowns are especially flattering on this blonde bombshell.

Diane Kruger
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8) Jessica Alba

This voluptuous vixen gained a permanent position in the world of the rich and famous after starring in the hit television show Dark Angel. Honestly, viewers were probably more mesmerized by her body than her on-screen performance. That’s not a bad thing at all because that means Alba’s clothes probably look stunning on her. Whether in jeans and a tank top or a formal gown, Alba always makes heads turn.

Jessica Alba
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7) Rihanna

Rihanna is not known for being shy. This bad-girl loves to show some skin, so you’ll likely find snapshots of her in something, well, small. Considering that Rihanna’s body matches that of a Greek Goddess, the pop star can pull sexy off with no problem. Tall and athletic with curves in all the right places, Rihanna always looks good in the spotlight.

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6) Reese Witherspoon

This Southern sweetheart is as adorable in real life as the characters she plays on the big screen. Witherspoon is known to have an edgy and elegant fashion sense that’s the perfect blend of sexy and formal. Often caught by the paparazzi during her pregnancies, Witherspoon never looks less than gorgeous even with a couple of extra pounds on her.

Reese Witherspoon
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5) Miranda Kerr

Everybody knows Miranda Kerr to be one of the heavenly Victoria’s Secret Angels. The leggy Aussie is the stuff of dreams for countless men around the globe, and she’s a fashion icon for plenty of women as well. Whether Kerr is in a teeny bikini or in formal dress, she never fails to get “oohs” and “ahhs” when there’s an audience present.

Miranda Kerr
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4) Kardashian Sisters

One word describes the Kardashian sisters best, fabulous. Kim and the gang always look flawless in the media, and they each bring a unique flair of their own to the mix. You can find these celebrity sisters sporting the latest in designer gear everywhere they go.

Kardashian sibs
Photo Credit: (Mandatory): Judy Eddy /]

3) Emma Stone

This 23-year old actress has an aura of sophistication to her that is hard to explain. Her movie roles portray her as almost the opposite of how she looks on the red carpet. Flirty, fun, and armed with a very impressive wardrobe, Stone is quite possibly one of the most fashionable redheads out there.

Emma Stone
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2) Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge always has to look her best when she’s in the public eye, and she’s had no trouble with that at all. You could even call her the queen of fashion.

Kate Middleton
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1) Gwyneth Paltrow

With a style that’s described as simple and elegant, Paltrow takes the cake for this list of most fashionable women for 2012. This gorgeous lady prefers to wear black, white, and neutral shades.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Photo Credit: [Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com]
There you have it, the world’s most fashionable women in 2012. These style icons will continue to be watched and adored for many years to come.



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