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Gentlemen Essentialism by Tom Ford

Tom Ford, a designer and filmmaker, brilliantly summarizes what every gentlemen needs. Without further ado, read on for the essentials according to Tom Ford.

Every gentleman needs a measure of savior-faire, a coat of sophistication and a close reading of Tom Ford.

Ford is the man who can question Vogue with eloquence and reason and correct the mavens in Hollywood when they’re wrong.

Out of the 15 commandments put together by the accomplished designer on what every man needs, here are our favorite six essentials. Enjoy!

1. Dark denim jeans 
Don’t look like you fell off the turnip truck. An inky pair of jeans is perfect for almost any occasion.

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2. A sense of humor
Humor is essential. Work on your joke “muscle” before your next dinner party or your weekly guys only poker game. Just be sure your jokes amuse not offend people.

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3. Read some measure of intelligent news each day
Inevitably, the conversation at a dinner party will turn to current events. A modicum of knowledge in current world affairs will go far in life. Investing in a good iPhone news app will keep you updated whenever you need to showcase your latest news IQ.

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4. A good cologne
Intrigue the senses of the opposite sex. The way to a woman’s heart is through, well, her nose. Invest in a high quality perfume and stay away from cheap alternatives. Remember to spry it, not pour it down your neck!

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5. Great teeth
Outstanding dental care is essential. Spend that money you’re saving for a new BMW, buy a used one and have those teeth cleaned. Afford the best dentist you for that winsome smile that goes far on the road to sophistication.

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6. Perfect manners
A courteous comment will take you farther than an elbow to the gut. Dueling may have gone the way of the horse and buggy, but a punch in the nose is still de rigueur in certain situations.

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Not on Ford’s list but equally important is our added point # 16 – Be confident in who you are!

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