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Iconic Blockbuster Outfits

Iconic characters from blockbuster hits are revisited from the perspective of style. Focusing on unforgettable, Hollywood getups, feast your eyes on a celebration of movie couture.

When it comes to fashion, Hollywood generated some real stunners. Sometimes its what the character wears that makes the difference. Checkout a sample of the most famous outfits in movies over the years.

Superman’s Uniform
As any comics purist can tell you, you can actually thank DC Comics for the iconic Superman look, but it was the movie theater that brought it to public attention. In vivid blue with red trim and that bright yellow S on the chest, Superman’s uniform is instantly recognizable, and it makes all of us think about one of the first superheroes around.

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James Bond’s Tuxedos
No one carries of formal wear like James Bond, and whether the James Bond in your head is Sean Connery, Roger Moore Pierce Brosnan, or Daniel Craig, it’s hard to imagine the British spy with a license to kill without his signature tuxedo. The tuxedos worn by Bond are typically black and incredibly well-fitted.

James Bond
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The Girl’s White Dress
The Girl was a character played by Marilyn Monroe in the iconic movie, The Seven Year Itch, and though most people at this point have not seen the movie, they will certainly remember the dress. This sleeveless V-necked dress had a wonderfully flowing light white skirt, and when Monroe walked over a grate, the fabric blows upward. The image of Monroe laughing and pushing the skirt down is one of the classics of American cinema.

The Seven Year Itch
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Sandy Olsen’s Greaser Girl Gear
Olivia Newton-John played good-girl Sandy Olsen in the hit musical-movie grease, and while plenty of us thought she looked plenty cute in her demure clothes, no one who loves that movie can ever forget the end, where she comes out in a tight black drop-sleeve top, tight black jeans and a pair of stunning red heels.

The good girl is gone to be replaced with a confident woman who can definitely give John Travolta’s Danny Zuko a run for his money.

Olivia Newton John
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The Man With No Name’s Poncho
When it comes to westerns, it doesn’t get any tougher than Clint Eastwood. The Man with No Name is a common trope in Westerns, but it was raised to an art form in the Dollars Trilogy, which featured A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

In these films, Eastwood’s character sported a leather, flat-crowned hat with a wide brim and a signature fringed poncho. This outfit defined the character from beginning to end, giving a generation its idea of what a Western should be like.

Clint Eastwood
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Cecelia Tallis’s Green Silk Dress
When it comes to modern wonders of costuming, Cecelia Tallis’s green silk dress is just a knockout. Worn by Keira Knightly in the film Atonement, the dress captures the elegance and grace of upper class life in the pre-World War II era.

The dress itself is a shimmering emerald green with a deep V-neck that leads into a rather loose bodice. The skirt is long and flowing with a dramatic train, giving this dress the visual punch of a freight train.

This dress is incredibly elegant, and the silk shines in the night scenes of the movie, adding depth and mystique.

Cecelia Tallis’s Green Silk Dress
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