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Leather Jacket: Find the Perfect Fit

A timeless staple in the wardrobe – perfectly fitted leather jackets are always relevant and stylish for the cold months of the year. Finding a leather jacket is easy, finding the ideal one for your size and character is a challenge that most men shy away from. In the search for the essential leather coat to complement rather than ridicule your winter look – read on

A leather jacket can be as sleek and modern as this year’s Audi or it can be as tough and retro as a classic Ford Thunderbird. No matter what effect you want to achieve with your leather jacket, you’ll find that it is all about the fit.

Where Do the Sleeves End?
This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make with leather jackets. They either allow the sleeves to fall an inch short of their wrists or  over their hands.

No matter how well the jacket fits through the body, sleeves that are too short or too long will create a very unfavorable impression.

The sleeves should end within an inch of your natural wrist, where arm widens to your palm.

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Lighter Is Better
Avoid heavy looks. Stay away from leather jackets that give you a bulky silhouette. Opt for simple cuts that work the leather into a comfortable wear.

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Fitted, Not Square
Body shaped torsos are a  no-no, and some leather jackets do just that. Opt for a cut with that enhances the shoulders and nips the waist.

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Try It On
You either love or hate a leather jacket. You are either comfortable or extremely stiff in a leather jacket. There is a gray ground here, it’s not either/or. A high quality leather jacket will fit well and be comfortable to wear.

Cheaper jackets use leather that is not tanned as effectively, leaving it stiff and rather uncomfortable. Try on some jackets, button or zip them up the front, and rotate your arms. A good jacket is one that allows you a full range of motion.

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