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Good tools make a good workman. These days, a new briefcase may be the best gift you can give to recognize someone’s career launch, milestone or long-term accomplishments.

Choosing a handmade, high-quality leather Italian briefcase tells your family member or friend that you are proud of their achievement every day. The meticulous workmanship and attention to detail traditional to Italian leather work combine to create a work case that is a long-lasting positive pleasure to use.

A classic choice for many kinds of careers is an Leather Attache Case. This rigid-framed case keeps documents and other contents safe from the elements and potential breakage in heavy traffic. Tony Perotti’s Bull Leather Amalfi attache case illustrates the handsome good looks of a hard-working business case. Ready for anything, this beautifully-made, durable classic offers years of old-fashioned service while making room for the most up-to-date laptop technology. For a case that adds more fashion-forward design elements, consider Pratesi’s croco-embossed high-sheen leather and sleek side-mounted combination lock.

 This rigid-framed case keeps documents and other contents safe from the elements and potential breakage in heavy traffic.

While attache cases are known for full, or “clamshell,” opening, briefcases designed specifically for attorneys are compartmentalized, to emphasize confidentiality as well as efficient retrieval of documents. (In Italian, the descriptive “portadocumentari” distinguishes a briefcase from other work bags.) Attorney’s brief bags function like miniature filing cabinets. The compartments of Korchmar’s Classic Brief Bag are secured by a combination-lock strap. Two handles make carrying easier and stabilize standing files.  Pratesi’s Leonardo polished-calfskin brief bag has four compartments, secured by a durable key-locked classic foldover flap. To enhance efficiency, the case contains an internal light. An even more imposing version, the Pratesi Bruneschelli Leonardo, comes in historically-revered, glossy embossed King Croco leather.

Pratesi Italian Leather Lawyer Bag

For any profession, a new briefcase is of particular value if it accommodates a laptop. Tony Perotti’s Bella Russo Laptop Briefcase exemplifies the blending of traditional fine craftsmanship with modern needs. Cases with two or three generous work compartments can also accommodate a laptop up to 17 inches. The finest of adult cowhides are vegetally-tanned and finished with a soft matte surface, assuring years of durable service. Chiarugi Firenze offers a 4-compartment bag that holds a laptop up to 16.8 inches. The bag has metal footrests for stability. Both bags come with supplementary shoulder-straps.

Tony Perotti Italian leather Briefcase

To manage the heaviest of workloads and make work travel easy, several cases come with luggage-quality wheels and handles. A Pratesi Rolling Pilot Case, with its removable trolley, is perfect for someone who carries samples and/or does a lot of short-term travel. Pilot cases are modeled on the travel gear of airline professionals, and their generous proportions are encased in high-performance, handsome polished calfskin.  For those all too familiar with heavy pedestrian traffic, whether in airports, train stations or on the street, Jack Georges offers a new slant on rolling cases. JG’s Milano Vertical Laptop Wheeler stands a classic problem on its end, providing a narrower profile along with light weight and a choice of tailored black or jaunty red.

Jack Georges Vertical Laptop Wheeler

Color-choice, weight and overall style are all factors of increasing importance as more women join the professional workforce. The crisp, superbly-tailored lines of Alberto Bellucci’s Roma Portfolio Bag share the close-grip handles so favored by this year’s handbag designers. The bag has room for a small laptop and plenty of gear while maintaining a slim, fashion-forward silhouette. Chirugia Firenze’s Avellino Laptop Bag emphasizes up-to-the-minute fashion details with organization. Outer and inner pockets and compartments keep work and personal items orderly and quickly accessible. A detachable shoulder strap lightens the laptop load. Pratesi maintains its fashion-first edge with its Leon Battista Alberti Briefcase. Beautiful high-performance design shows a sense of humor with an slanted flap, off-center jewelry-quality clasp and yummy colors like ciliegia (cherry) and Nutella.
Pratesi modern Italian leather briefcase

How often we punctuate the workday with the words “Have a good day.” Make every day a great day with a new briefcase for your hardworking partner, relative or friend.




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