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Looking Forward – Fall & Winter Fashion Trends 2015/16

Lots of fashion standards may have changed. Wearing a mixture of styles and materials makes statements about choice and empowerment that earlier generations could only dream of. 

But some things don’t change. One of those constants is that, whatever your wardrobe, choosing the right handbag can pull it all together. Conversely, the wrong choice can leave you, your clothes–and your confidence–flapping in the breeze like laundry on the line. It’s easy to spot when others trip up—a handbag can make a look or strike a sour note. Knowing the trends underlying the new clothes can help you look fabulous, whatever the occasion.

A cool palette, heavy on neutrals and interrupted by contrasting, rather than closely coordinating, bright colors makes good handbag choices easy this season. The natural hues and gloss of leather add just the right amount of light and warmth to such a color array. The natural gloss of leather and the glimmer of small hardware add touches of definition to a deliberately quiet background. When you choose a bag, sustain the mood with monotone choices and clean lines. This is not a year for contrast stitching, strips and straps, chains or other noisy bling.


A glossy orange briefcase may fit the color palette and orange is the hot color on American runways this fall. If you love orange, look at McKlein’s ladies briefcases. Winnetka and Forest models both come in this minute’s most spectacular color.  For a slightly longer positive statement, choose a classically-cut Jack Georges Wide-Gusset Top Zip Milano business case in true red. Any of these fashion-forward pieces lets you alleviate the stormy dark of this season’s day-wear and will make morning meetings fun for a much longer time.


A review of the runways backs your decision. A few bags blared bright colors, fur, feathers and fringe and even the glitter of sequins. By and large, however, handbags were of classic shape, subtle color and small size.  Short handles kept bags close to the body, although occasional shoulder straps appeared. Pratesi’s Borsa Donna in black or cognac is immaculately tailored in Santa Croce leather, small in size but spectacular in impact. Equally powerful, Pratesi’s Veneziano makes a lasting impression in embossed King leather, in chestnut, black or cognac. For larger bags, shapes were extremely simple, clean and Classic.

Jack Georges Wide Gusset Top Zip - Milano Collection

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