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What Shall you Drink with your Cigar?

What drink should you pair with your cigar? Actually there is no straightforward answer, it’s down to individual preferences. Nonetheless if you like to drink and smoke, take a look at the best beverages to wash down the lingering, smoky flavor.

You often hear of people trying to determine the best wine or beer to match their dinner. While experts may favor a certain variety over another, the perfect complement to a meal depends on your personal preference.

When pairing cigars and drinks, the same applies. Trial-and-error is the best way to determine what drink boosts your smoking experience. Experiment with the following:

Ask any cigar enthusiast and you’ll quickly find out that cognac is the perfect complement to smoking a stout stogie.

It’s almost common to hear the pairing of cognac and cigars as traditional, although it seems the more appropriate term would be “historical” since cigars and cognac were usually enjoyed post-eating as a dessert.

When it comes to cognac, they aren’t all made equal either. Those with the XO rating are aged the longest and, therefore, have the most developed flavors–robust and complex shades that go great with cigars.

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Port wines are another favorite drink paired with cigars. They come in a variety of styles, and each of them brings a unique feature to the table. Most are quite sweet and fruity, so they are good for taming the spicy harshness of certain cigars.

Some port wines are aged for so long that they take on the flavors of the wooden barrels used to store them. The “woodiness” gives the port an extra layer of flavor that blends well with those of many cigars.

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This Southern corn whiskey usually has a smoky, burnt flavor with a touch of molasses. While enthusiasts agree that it is an acquired taste, bourbon is known to go very well with cigars because they both have a complexity that balances the other one out. Stogies that have richer, stronger flavors are taken down a notch or two with a glass of bourbon on the rocks.

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Top-notch rum and cigars both come from a little island known as Cuba. It’s no surprise that they can go together very well. When choosing a mate for your cigar, make sure that it is a premium, aged rum because low-quality rums can totally ruin the experience.

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Whether you prefer yours shaken or stirred, this popular cocktail drink will prove to be a pleasant accompaniment to your favorite cancer sticks. Traditional martinis are generally more savory and dry, but they can also be very fruity as well. What’s more appropriate for cigar-smoking is up to you.

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Even though most people might not know it, wines can go well with cigars. Reds are usually better because they have a bolder taste that won’t be wiped out by the cigar. Whites can work too, but experts recommend that you stick to dry ones. Champagnes can ruin the experience, so save them for dessert.

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Kahlua Drinks
These Mexican alcoholic drinks contain coffee and pair excellently with most cigars. It’s hard to say why, but they just work.

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If you prefer to stay away from the booze but still want to enjoy your smoke, sip on some steaming hot coffee instead. All the flavors are still there, but you won’t risk getting a DUI.

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Cigar smoking is a pleasure that enthusiasts take very seriously. The experience is all about losing oneself in a complex mix of tastes and aromas. With the right drink, you can only take the experience to a higher level.

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