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10 iPad Must-Have Apps

The apps industry is soaring high. In fact we are being flooded by a sea of apps, all promising to deliver unique tablet based experiences. With so many options, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to choose the best and avoid the rest. Here is list of 10 iPad Apps everyone one should have.

Each individual clearly has unique needs in a variety of circumstances pertaining to their app preferences; however, these 10 iPad must-have apps will come in handy for the average iPad owner on any given day.

In no particular order, the 10 iPad must-have apps according to are listed below.

1. Everyone can admit that not all of their photos taken on gadgets turn out perfectly, particularly if uncooperative bystanders are caught with their pants down so to speak, or literally. PhotoShop Express will make your life incredibly bearable. You can crop, rotate, straighten, and flip each picture closer to perfection.

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2. This may be controversial to some, but the Kindle app is superior to most e-readers, including most versions of its namesake. The screen is bright, sensitive, and non-reflective making it easy to read.

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3. If you enjoy the website grouping capabilities of your laptop, checkout the Flipboard app. It takes the organization a step further by creating a magazine of your most frequently-visited websites. With a magazine-flip through experience, this app offers easy access to your favorite sites.

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4. For up-to-the-minute news feeds with photos and videos go for AP News. You will receive current, local and international news update.

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5. Similarly to AP News, you should also reach out for the NPR app for easy access to spirited debates, thought-provoking subject matter, and to ensure you are constantly in the loop for dinner parties.

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6. iDisplay will revolutionize your workspace. You are able to place your iPad next to your PC screen and immediately have a larger display. You can open a new window and move various items over to your iPad to have several screens open simultaneously.

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7. Do not forget about TweetDeck. With this app, you will be able to cleverly manage your social media channels in one convenient location. It has a clean and attractive design to make your life easier and more efficient.

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8. The foodies shan’t be forgotten with the Foodspotting app. It is imperative to be able to find the best restaurants, local eateries, and street food when traveling.

This brilliant app allows for people to take photos of the food and leave reviews so you can read and see what you might expect to eat in different areas.

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9. Pandora for sparking up your music collection without the commitment of a lifetime partnership. You are able to create your own music stations based on your favorite artists and genres. It is the perfect relationship.

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10. And, for all of you who find yourselves with a poor Internet connection and in desperate need of something, anything really, to do while waiting for a friend, public transportation, or a plane in the middle of Sub-Saharan Africa, you must have Angry Birds. This game is addictive and it transcends generations for hours of pointless entertainment.

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This list is likely to evolve as much more apps become available. For now, as long as you have these 10 apps, your life will be highly tolerable.

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