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Charge As You Move

Ever experienced the sudden shutdown of your portable device due to no battery? A new patent filed by Apple may very well end “no battery” fiascos, if ever developed. The computer giant reveals plans for a system that will charge smartphones, iPods and tablets using the movement of a person’s body. You never run out of battery while on the go.

When Apple, Inc. announces the release of new products, it makes major news around the world. This electronics giant is known for innovating such products as the iPhone, the iPad, the MacBook Air, Apple TV and more.

With the incredible popularity of its products, the company’s innovations are often mimicked by its competitors, and new releases are highly sought after. In fact, it is common for long lines to form outside stores hours and even days before the release of some Apple device.

Recently, the company once again generated international headlines with the announcement of a new patent with far-reaching implications for current Apple products as well other brands of mobile devices.

A Kinetic Charger
Many of Apple’s products are designed to be used on-the-go. From the iPad and iPhone to iPods, these are all highly popular technological devices that must be recharged with regular use.

With some products, like Apple’s mobile phones, a consumer may use them regularly throughout the day, so there is a constant need to keep a charging device close by.

Apple’s new patent, which was filed in June 2012, is for a system that charges itself through the user’s movement.

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Implications of the Patent
The news of this patent has spread like wildfire around the technology community, and there is considerable speculation about what the device may actually do. It appears, however, that it may be used with mobile technology such as the iPhone and iPad to recharge the equipment as the user moves throughout the day.

Apple had previously announced that it was working on new charging methods for its mobile devices. The patented system indicates that printed coils are combined with electromagnetic induction to create a self-charging feature that will undoubtedly be in high demand.

Those who are familiar with this type of technology, however, say that the design is currently far too large to pair with the slender one of the iPhone or iPad devices.

It should be noted that other devices like wristwatches and flashlights make use of similar technology. Therefore, it may be possible for Apple’s engineers to bring this technology to life.

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What It May Mean for You
If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you inevitably keep your electronics on a charger while close to a power outlet. This may be in your car, at home or at work. While these devices are truly innovative, many users do complain about how much energy they consume.

It is not clear if the electromagnetic induction system that has been patented by Apple will sufficiently eliminate the need to charge these devices or if it will simply ensure that your equipment never fully runs out of energy.

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Nonetheless, the patented technology implies that there may no longer be a need to fear running out of energy when using a mobile device.

Will Apple ever produce this kinetic charger? We can only take hope in the fact that Apple has generally been fairly quickly to bring new innovations to life.


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