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Internet: How not to Share Private Material with the World

Sharing private material over the internet is a tricky procedure. Find out how to share sensitive information wisely, that is without going viral.

The internet has opened multiple communication alternatives. We no longer need to fax a document or send a letter, we can simply email our recipients.  Quick and easy, until you mistakenly share an embarrassing picture with the whole world by clicking the wrong “send” button.

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Passwords, account numbers, pictures are all considered sensitive information by its owner of course. How can we share sensitive material online and still protect our privacy?

You can easily transfer vital and highly sensitive information by using creative measures. Coding crucial passwords before sending them so that only true recipients can understand the meaning behind the gibberish. Relay account numbers or passwords and omit identifying information like the name of your financial institution.

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Sending data in a fractured format is ideal for communicating passwords, account numbers and other related information. However, when sending a private file to another person, you must employ alternative means.

Use secure file sharing services, such as Dropbox. This program is free to download, but both the sender and recipient will need to have it installed. Both parties will have a password-secured login to access encrypted files. Dropbox is a fairly secure method of sharing documents and images.

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You should be aware that these options provide you with a more secure way to transfer or share information with another party. However, no method available is foolproof. If someone wants to hack into your system, your phone or both, these measures may slow down but not stop the most devoted hacker.

With this in mind, if you are sharing data, files or images that are very personal or vitally important, it is always best to hand deliver them to avoid them going viral or hacked.


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