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iPad Tips Must Knows

Find here great tricks and tips for iPad users.

You’ve added Apple’s tablet to your collection and you’re happily enjoying apps, but do you know about these tips?

Keep Organized with Folders
You can delete or rearrange any app by holding it down. You can also drag any app onto another, which will create a folder. Since iOS 4, iPads and iPhones will automatically name those folders. If you drag Fruit Ninja onto Angry Birds, you’ll have a “Games” folder. The default names are often pretty helpful.

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Double-pressing the home button will show all the running apps so that you can easily move between them. It’s similar to the multi-tasking button on newer Android devices and convenient for letting you move between apps without heading back to the home screen.

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Orientation Lock
If you use your iPad in bed, you’ve probably struggled with the device switching between landscape and portrait mode at the most inconvenient time. Originally, the switch on the side of the iPad locked orientation.

An iOS update changed this button to a quick mute feature, but many users were unhappy. Apple has added a setting that lets you choose between using the side switch to lock orientation or mute your device, so you can pick the one that you like best.

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Share Music
How can you listen to music stored on your computer from your iPad? Turn on home sharing on your iPad by going to “Settings > Music/Video.” Enter your Apple ID if prompted. Open your Music app, touch “More” and select “Shared.” Give it a few moments to update, and then you can enjoy your entire iTunes collection from your iPad.

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Solve Almost any Problem by Rebooting
A clean restart of your iPad can solve whole slew of problems: lag, connectivity issues and crashing apps. Hold the power button until you see a prompt to shut down your iPad. Swipe with your finger, let it completely shut down and hit the power button once more to restart it.

Lag and crashing should no longer be an issue, and it’s sure cheaper than replacing your iPad.

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Don’t Worry about (Some) Punctuation
This tip will help you when you’re using the keyboard on any iOS device. Simply skip over the apostrophe in common words like “don’t.” The autocorrect feature will add the apostrophe, so you can count on your recipient understanding your message and save time switching between the alphabet and special character screens.

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Get a Real Keyword
Maybe you’re not a fan of on-screens keyboards at all. That’s okay because the Bluetooth radio in your iPad lets you connect any Bluetooth keyboard, including the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

If you purchase a case with built-in keyboard, you can use your iPad in landscape mode, similar to a laptop. It’s a great solution if you don’t want to drag around your laptop but you still want to be productive.

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You’ll discover more time-saving tricks as you work with your iPad, so get cracking!

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