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When iPhone and Giant Robot Meet

Sci-Fi lovers you are in for a treat. The Japanese Suidobashi Heavy Industries turned Isaac Asimov’s vision into reality with their latest creation – a 13 ft humanoid robot named Kuratas that can be controlled by an iPhone.

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Now here’s a toy we’ve never seen before: the Kuratas robot from Suidobashi Heavy Industries is truly a marvel of technology. This thirteen-foot-tall, completely controllable robot is what every affluent tech geek has been waiting for: the opportunity to actually ride inside a gigantic robotic machine.

The Kuratas features four stabilized wheels, with built-in (nonlethal) weaponry for that extra “wow” factor. As if rolling around inside a giant metal powerhouse weren’t enough, the Kuratas additionally can be programmed and operated via iPhone, making it one of the most amazing (and expensive) “apps” ever invented.

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While the actual movement is controlled by twin joysticks inside the machine, there is an impressive range of options that can be carried out by the Kuratas when it is linked to an iPhone.

These include firing BB pellets with the speed of a machine gun, launching water-filled rockets that detonate on impact, and scaring the hell out of your friends! These fun features are just the icing on the cake of a machine that weighs in at several tons but is far more impressive than any Lamborghini one could ever buy.

At the fairly modest price of $1.3 million, the Kuratas offers a decent amount of bang for its buck. It can move up to six miles per hour and can be painted with any decals you choose. Imagine a “I brake for nobody” bumper sticker on the back of this monster!

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With tons of hydraulics and a sleek gray exterior, the Kuratas sounds and looks incredible. $1.3 million is also a drop in the pond in comparison to most of the finest cars and limos out there.

With four movable robotic wheel struts and a very real-looking arsenal, this device certainly qualifies as “unusual”! What’s more, there may be upgrades coming from Suidobashi. Stay tuned for more giant robot equipment and customization.

Who knows? In a few years, you could even assemble a fleet of them. Just make sure you have the iPhone hardware necessary to run the robots, and you’re all set to begin your robot army!

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