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The Sound of Music

The quality of sound is the name of the game for music lovers and beat worshipers. Checkout the top ten Apple iPod and MP3 docks pumping up the beat without compromising on sound and style.

Audiophiles know that music can’t be fully enjoyed when the playback equipment has seriously limited potential. Instead of just listening to music, these melody-maniacs and beat-freaks want to bury themselves in the sound.

If you want to get the complete experience every time you press “play,” the following iPod and MP3 docks will prove to be excellent investments.

The electronics giant that is Sony should be expected to have a contender in every arena of the technology market. When it comes to audio docks, Sony’s there in peak condition.

The CMT-CX5BIP is built well, but it doesn’t have the heft you’d expect from quality electronics. Looks-wise, the dock won’t “wow” you, but with 40 watts of power the sound will pull you in and never let go.

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Pioneer X-SMC3 Speaker Dock
While this audio dock displays decent aesthetics, the rectangular speakers and overall shape give an outdated appeal.

Looks aside, this Pioneer piece is loaded with multiple ports to allow you to hook up pretty much anything you have in your arsenal. It also performs like champ with its deep bass and auditorium-filling loudness.

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Pure Contour 200i Air
Shaped like a half-circle, the Pure Contour 200i Air is just as sleek as many of the other models in the lineup. Sadly, looks is the best thing it has going for it.

This dock has but a single option on the actual device: connectors to hook up to your audio player or computer because everything is meant to be done straight from them.

As for sound quality, it isn’t the best out there, but it’s far from the worst.

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Sonos Zoneplayer S5
Simple but effective describes the S5 best. This iPod dock might look like a basic stereo, but it’s got all the music options that you could ever want.

Stream music from your laptop, thousands of radio channels via the included Sonos app, or a ton of other online streaming apps with a subscription.

You can even hook up multiple units to be placed in different areas of the house for an all embracing listening experience.

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Denon CEOL
For the money, this is one of the best iPod and MP3 docks on the market. The sound quality is probably better than that of all the previous docks on the list. With actual buttons on the device, the CEOL is a bit more intuitive than other docks that can only be controlled using the connected player. To top it all off, it looks sleek and contemporary too.

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Loewe Air
While it’s on the pricier side, the Loewe Air brings studio-quality sound to your personal haven without the studio price. With a serious 80 watts of juice, this baby is ready to rock and roll. The Air is built like a tank and can be customized with different top covers for nonconformists. Sadly, its conservative looks don’t really match its rockstar qualities.

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If high-quality audio playback is the name of the game, then these listening devices are the winning contestants. Don’t go another day deprived of the absolute best in sound.

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