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No Wire, Just Sound: The Aperion Revolution

The Aperion wireless home theater speaking system is the latest hype in  audio technology. No speaker wire, just an amazing plug-and-play setup. With a price tag that won’t break your bank, this product is a true rival for wired speaker systems at the same price range.

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If you’re looking for an amazing speaker system that broadcasts luxury lifestyle vibes as well as your tunes, the Aperion system is a perfect fit.


Developed by Portland based Aperion Audio, this speaker system is unique in its complete lack of the complex wiring usually found in advanced speaker systems.

Whereas most speakers require extensive installation procedures and wiring ties, the Aperion is a simple plug in and play setup. Once the speakers are in place and the setting are configured, nothing stops the user from hooking up to their favorite playlist and enjoying the product.

Using a wireless signal beamed straight from your media device hookup, this product synchronizes the signal with its wireless speakers and lets loose the jam. Its interference-free 5GHz wireless audio transfer is a top-of-the-line system that won’t disrupt other in-home wifi services.

With a linked hand remote capable of resetting the speakers in any direction, convenient  placement is barely an issue with the Aperion. The touch of a button can alter the sound output to wherever the user may be sitting, a useful option especially for those who hate tinkering with dials and volume controls.

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The Aperion model is reasonably priced in comparison to most high-quality luxury products, averaging out at about $2,999 per unit.

With a modest price tag in addition to its high quality and range of functions, the Aperion speaker system is an excellent status statement for the aspiring listener.

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With its sleek black exterior, the set is also modest to a degree, providing just the touch of style that your study or rec room needs to shine. Consider this speaker system the next time you’re shopping for a fantastic sound experience.

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