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Carrie Bradshaw’s Iconic Apartment Sold

If you are a Sex and the City fan as you are a real-estate buff, then read on for all the hot details on Carrie Bradshaw’s townhome sale.

The inspiration for the home of fictional relationship writer and fashionista, Carrie Bradshaw, debuted on real estate market listings in November 2011. The famous brownstone sold as quickly as Manolos at a sample sale. By March 2012, it was on the market again and six weeks later, 64 Perry Street had a new owner.

Just as we dare not confuse Carrie Bradshaw’s fair façade with Sarah Jessica Parker, the façade of this brownstone should not be confused with the “real property.”

Wait, Isn’t That The Wrong Stoop?

Many Sex and the City fans will no doubt question whether real estate agents listed the right property. After all, the door they remember as Carrie’s is not at 64 Perry but at 66 Perry. Was their pilgrimage and commemorative picture on New York’s most famous stoop for naught?

If fans took their picture at 64 Perry, then they would be correct. If they posed for their picture in front of 66 Perry, then they would also be correct since the show quietly changed Carrie’s brownstone entrance at 64 Perry after the first few seasons.

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Carrie’s World

In the series, Carrie’s home was 245 East 73rd Street between Madison Ave and Park. It was a tiny one-bedroom, one-bath walk-up on the fourth floor with cracked ceilings, wood floors and a temperamental toilet.

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Labor of Love

In the real world, 64 Perry Street was a story of true love long before lights and cameras ever found it. Harold Leeds was a professor of interior design and an architect when he met Wheaton Galentine, a documentary filmmaker, in the 1940s. Leeds and Galentine lived across 64 Perry. When the home came up for sale in 1955, the couple purchased it, restored it to its former glory and made it their home until 2011.

The townhouse features original, carved marble mantels, herringbone wood floors with intricately inlaid borders, soaring ceilings, ornate crown and ceiling molding and stained glass windows.

The main entrance showcases a sweeping staircase and arched doorway leading to double parlors each with its own fireplace. At garden level, the kitchen leads into a sunroom and out to an impressive south-facing garden. The third floor contains two bedrooms that also feature their own fireplaces.

The real 64 Perry actually resembles the penthouse Carrie and Big buy before their ill-fated wedding in the 2008 movie.

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Two Worlds Collide

The fourth floor is a rental with two bedrooms, each with its own fireplace and office space that resembles Carrie’s fictional floorplan.

The top floor had been used as rental property since the early 1900s, and following tradition, the men rented out the space to fashion guru, Tim Gunn.

Gunn lived in the fourth floor apartment for sixteen years. He made a brief cameo in the 2010 movie, Sex And The City 2.

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Ever Mine, Ever Thine

Leeds and Wheaton spent nearly a century devoted to each other. Leeds died in 2002 in the Village Nursing Home. Wheaton passed nine years later. Both were supporters of the Village Center for Care and the Village Nursing Home. Most of the proceeds from the November sale of 64 Perry Street went to the Center for Care and nursing home.

For devoted fans, the four-story Italianate row house built in 1866 by Robert Mook is forever the home of HBO’s Sex and the City heroine.

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