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Glitz and Glamour in the Bathroom

Forget your standard toilets and tubs, celebrity bathrooms are all about embracing luxury. Fireplaces, saunas, and mega showers are just some of the deluxe features in the bathrooms of the rich and famous.  Just take a look.

Most people think that a complete bathroom involves a toilet, a tub and a sink. If they’re feeling extra-adventurous, they opt for a double sink. Bathroom deserves as much luxury as the rest of the house. Take a cue from the following bathroom havens.

Suzanne Somers is the perfect combination of actress and business woman, and her bathroom reflects just that.

The flagstone floors alone give the bathroom some presence, and that’s before you notice how large this area is.

Not only is there a soaking tub that is designed to take those sore muscles away, there’s a double sink and plenty of place to sit and take in the view from the wide, airy window.

As a gorgeous finishing touch, Somers’ bathroom has sandblasted wood ceiling panels for a wonderfully natural finish.

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Joey Laurence is best known for his role on the hit TV series “Blossom”, but this television star is no slouch when it comes to luxury.

Lawrence has chosen to keep his bathroom bright and spacious, using a white and blue tile floor to open up the already large area. Dry sauna, steam shower, and an enormous jetted tub are all included.

The room itself is supported by textured wood beams, and opens out to a large outdoor deck.

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Actor Ryan Phillipe’s bathroom takes its inspiration from the clean and natural appeal of  Japanese design, featuring shoji screen doors, a large separate shower and a soaking tub

The bathroom is styled with rest and relaxation in mind, especially when you throw in the television mounted on the wall.

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Denis Quaid’s equestrian estate is created as a French country home, and his bathroom is no different. This master bathroom is all about luxury and elegance, and walking into it, one gets a distinct feeling of calmness.

The limestone pavers provide lovely subtle textures and colors, and the walls themselves are a soft buttery cream. The room itself is simple but luxurious, and the soaking tub adds a certain amount of dignity to the entire space.

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Remodeling a bathroom into one of the above requires a hefty sum of capital. Instead add a mirror to open up a space, use softer shades and white fixtures for a bathroom  that oozes simple elegance and timeless chic.

Featured Image Photo Credit: <a href=””>Bubble Bath</a> by Petr Kratochvil



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