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Green with Envy: Most Luxurious Eco Homes

Going green does not mean losing your sense of style. On the contrary, the green revolution offers elegant and sophisticated home decor solutions to fit the wants and needs of the trendsetters among us. Read on for most luxurious green dwellings.

Preserving the welfare of the environment is increasingly becoming more important each day. As people continue to consume unsustainable resources, we are left with the responsibility to find renewable and more effective sources of energy, fuel and materials.

While encouraging the public to recycle and use greener products is a step in the right direction, nothing could assure commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle quite like an eco-home.

One of the most ambitious plans for a eco-savvy home is the Orchid House in England, which was sold for a record breaking 14 million dollars. Like many green homes, the Orchid features a dome shaped exterior.

The dome is broken and fragmented by panes of glass that make each level visible. A chic and abstract design finishes the front of the house, making it seem more like a sophisticated piece of art than a dwelling.

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995 Longbow Place is locate in Larkspur, Colorado. Unlike the futuristic Orchid, this eco-friendly home has a decidedly more traditional appeal. 9800 square feet of recycled wood make up this luxurious living space. Despite its massive size, the electric bill only runs at about $350 a month.

Two solar panels on the roof work in tandem with highly efficient non-toxic insulation to keep the house warm and the water pre-heated. The hardwood flooring is renovated from an 1800s barn.

This home was designed to take advantage of every green opportunity  without sacrificing luxury.

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One of the most interesting materials used in the design of environmentally friendly homes is Styrofoam. As shown in the quaint dome houses built by Japan Dome Housing Co. Ltd., specially engineered Styrofoam can be utilized to create highly durable walls that are resistant to violent acts of weather like earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis.

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Our reliance on wood is simply not going to bode well for future generations. The use of innovative materials like Styrofoam will pioneer the way towards energy efficient homes that are kinder to the environment. Inventive design plans, though currently out of reach, will pave the way towards a greener future.

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