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Forget your standard backyard swimming pool, here you’ll find water parks. Celebrity pools unleashed.

Need a little inspiration for your butterfly stroke? From waterfalls to patio bars, the swimming pools of the stars will make you wish you had a few million dollars to splash on your own aquatic playground.

Joey Fatone
He may have been “that guy” of 90s boyband NSYNC, but Fatone is definitely the king of his own backyard. His lagoon-inspired paradise includes a swimming pool, hot tub, and a heated spa surrounded by waterfalls and tricked out with satellite TV and surround sound.

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Ashton Kutcher
Would you give up a three-tiered pool with cascading waters and adjoining spa? Ashton Kutcher did, recently selling his $2.6 million home and putting his impressive adult waterpark into the hands of another celebrity.

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Chris Wink
This “Blue Man” musician clearly gets his inspiration from the stunning views offered by his sleek, minimalist pool. Not only does it compliment the unique open-air architecture of his Hamptons home, but as you can see, it even intersects the building for long, satisfying laps.

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Jesse James
Jesse James lost more than just his wife when he and Sandra Bullock divorced in 2010. He was also forced to say goodbye to this enormous Caribbean-inspired pool and patio set, which combined waterfalls, artificial caves and ambient tiki lights to transport its swimmers from Long Beach all the way across the ocean.

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Josh Groban
He made a name for himself with his crooning ballads and heartfelt love songs, and it isn’t hard to imagine Groban just sitting back and contemplating life in this $6 million luxury pool. Heated jets would keep him warm and relaxed, and gentle waterfalls would play a symphony above his head. No wonder all his music is so dreamy!

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Zsa Zsa Gabor
You’ve never too old to enjoy a good, gratifying swim, and no one knows this better than 95-year-old Zsa Zsa Gabor, whose L.A. mansion includes an outdoor entertainment deck with a pool and multiple terraces. It’s simple yet grand, the perfect representation of not only L.A. craftsmanship, but the legendary actress herself.

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The Osbournes
Tucked away in the aptly-named Hidden Hills, the Osbournes’ mansion includes two swimming pools, a spa, a steam room, and even a selection of outdoor showers. The water is perfect for daytime fun or nighttime romance, and the covered patios and Roman-style columns protect their privacy from outsiders. For practicality and sheer opulence, the Osbournes take our #1 spot for best celebrity pools.

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