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Tweaking All American Design

Elle Décor selected US cities that are giving their own fresh, contemporary interpretations on the traditional, all American home interior design. In the making of a new style influenced by inspiration and innovation from coast to coast. 

The all American design is no longer about country kitchen. US Cities are tweaking, refreshing, and reinventing that traditional appeal. Here are four central locations that are reforming traditional design according to Elle Décor.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles is a city that is known for its hip modern glamour  but don’t forget that it also has deep roots in the nostalgia of the entertainment industry. When you put the two together, you can have a real showstopper.

Hard edges, and plenty of glass and metal create a highly modern aesthetic. Wood is incorporated to soften and add an organic charm.

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New Orleans
New Orleans at one time belonged to France’s empire, and because of that, this city has always retained a little bit of Paris’s chic. Grace and grandeur are key principles in this city’s style. .

Look for pieces that are large, with a graceful line and plenty of detail, and set them against a wallpaper that is rich rather than sedate. Emphasize wide open spaces and play with different textures.

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New York
New York is a home to vintage lovers everywhere. Vivid colors, angular shapes, and a variety of deep textures can help create the Big Apple’s 1950s and 1960s aesthetics in your very home.

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From mission furniture to black focal points, Miami’s style is perfect in creating warm, elegant living spaces with a Mediterranean feel.Choose plain white walls that you then decorate with white curtains, but give the entire room some weight and visual focus through the use of black and bronze.

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There’s more to all-American design than apple pie and country-kitchen. Each State offers a unique take on traditional home decor. Inspiration is everywhere, all you need to do is look around!

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