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Classic Women’s Watches

What are the most popular classic watches for women? Find out here

Trends come and go, but classic styles are forever. Watches are the same as shirts and pants. If you ladies want to stay fashionable all year round without having to spend a fortune every season, here are some timeless timepieces for your review.

1) Cartier Tank Anglaise
Everybody wants a Cartier watch because the brand has a great reputation for being reliable, luxurious, and very fashionable.

This particular model is coated in beautiful rose-gold and encrusted with rows of sparkling diamonds on either side of the rectangular face. Behind the crystal is a simple and elegant design featuring angled Roman numerals and nothing extra.

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2) Vintage Seiko Oversize Silver Leather Watch
A basic round-face watch with black leather straps is about as classic as it gets. This version from Seiko will look retro and hip on your wrist without being “loud.” With a silver face, date indicator, and silver tabs to mark hours, this Seiko model has just what you need to get the job done.

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3) Chanel Premiere Steel Chain Watch
There aren’t many watches out there that can beat the bold and sophisticated look of this Chanel offering. Done in a two-tone black and silver design, this timepiece possesses a contrast in colors that just pops. The Chanel Premiere Steel Chain Watch almost looks like it’s worth the $3,900 price tag.

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4) Timex Rose Gold Pearlized Strap Watch
The Timex name is synonymous with affordable, high-quality watches. This feminine model has a circular gold face and thin, pearly wrist straps. For 60 bucks, you can’t pass up this beauty.

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5) Burberry Nova Check Watch
This stylish watch has a preppy look given to it by one of Burberry’s signature plaid designs. With an elongated rectangular face sporting the Burberry name on its center, the Nova Check Watch has a very contemporary and casual feel to it.

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6) Coach Classic Signature Small Bracelet Watch
Every woman wants to have a Coach watch in her collection, so why not make it this one? Done in a variety of finishes with the Coach “C” pattern running down the middle of the bracelet and behind the hands of the watch, it’ll be obvious to your friends what you’re wearing.

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7) Tiffany & Co. Oval Cocktail Watch
There’s probably no bigger name in fine diamond jewelry and watches than Tiffany & Co. This fine specimen exudes high-end sophistication like most of the brand’s products with diamonds completely covering the oval face of this almost $22,000 timepiece. Like a brightly burning star, the shining center becomes the focus with the basic black band.

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8) Rolex Lady-Datejust in Everose Gold
Rolex is as classic as it gets for luxury timepieces. The sexy Lady-Datejust is just as well-built and tank-like as all the other Rolexes, but it has a sultry femininity to it given by the rose-gold gleam and dark-chocolate face.

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9) Swatch White Rebel Watch
Simple, sleek, and modern, this snow-white timepiece looks just as good as it functions. If you’re into minimalistic fashion or want to have a bit of that Kanye West swag, slap this baby on your wrist and leave home looking fresher than ever.

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10) Gucci Women’s G-Frame Satin Strap Watch
This Gucci watch is definitely a case of less is more. A classy bi-tone face and basic satin strap make up this $2,600 classic timepiece.

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With styles changing constantly, it can be very difficult and expensive to rock the most cutting-edge gear. Buy yourself a classic watch to stay fashionable for many years to come.

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