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Creative Writing: Funny Pen Designs

When inspiration flies out the window, and you are stuck on the same sentence for hours, you are deep in the writer’s block zone. Highly frustrating, a blank mind is a writer’s worst fear. Muse over the following crazy pen designs and say goodbye to your dry writing periods.

All writers struggle with writer’s block at some point. How you deal with it determines whether or not you’ll finish your current project. Instead of waiting for inspiration to strike, why not entertain yourself with a fun, unusual or bizarre pen?

A new writing implement could be the change you need to break through the block.

Dragon Pen
Inject a little fantasy fun into your writing with this brightly colored dragon pen. Its bold red and yellow design and dragon head top, keep you entertained and might inspire you to take your story in a new direction.

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Pizza Pen
What could be better for foodies than writing with a pen that looks like a slice of pizza? Just be careful that you don’t make yourself hungry.

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The Big Pen
A pen this size probably isn’t practical for all of your writing projects, but it couldn’t hurt to give it a try if you’re in the mood for big ideas.

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Hypodermic Syringe Pen
Writing with colored ink is fun to begin with, but how about a pen that could literally inject some inspiration into your writing? Crafted to look like hypodermic syringes, these fun pens come with red, blue, yellow or green ink to add a little flair to the words you jot down.

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Puzzle Pens
The ultimate in procrastination, puzzle pens let you do crosswords, mess around with mazes, play Sudoku and more. You might not get a lot of writing done, but you’ll have fun anyway.

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Clock Fountain Pen
Go old-fashioned with a fountain pen and see where the unique style takes your writing. Adorned with glittering gears and a clock face on a black background, this pen is an elegant departure from modern writing implements.

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Super Steampunk Pen
Steampunk combines modern technology with Victorian-era style for an eye-catching finished product. You might spend more time playing with this creative copper- and gold-tinted pen than you do writing with it.

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Ultimate Geek Pen
When you need more than just a pen, go for this geek-friendly model that includes a ballpoint writing tip, stylus, flexible LED light, UV light and even a laser pointer.

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Secret Message UV Spy Pen
Why stick with regular writing when you can write secret messages? Special ink in this pen renders anything you write invisible until placed under a black light like the one included on the top of the pen.

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Pick Your Own Color Pen
Match any color you see with this amazing pen. Use the internal sensor to “grab” a color from the world around you and internal ink reserves will mix up just the right blend.

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The next time you find yourself staring at a blank page with no idea what to write, try picking up one of these unusual pens. A departure from “the norm” could help jump start your creativity and get you back on track.

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