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Movies in the 21st Century are less about emotions and more about watches. Wait, what?! Here you can check out some of the most complicated mechanical watches or extremely accurate timepieces worn by leading characters in famous movies. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Television and movies have often shaped popular trends in fashion and design. From the “Rachel hair” inspired by Jennifer Aniston on Friends to Olivia Newton-John’s leg warmers in her “Physical” video. Watches are no exception.

Take James Cameron’s Avatar, the biggest box office success in cinematic history. The popularity of Avatar, not surprisingly, has spurred increased sales of watches featured in the film.

Casio provided their Pro-Trek PRG-90-3V and Pathfinder PAW-1000G-1V models for the film. The Pro-Trek can be seen on Colonel Miles Quaritch, while the Pathfinder adornes Jake Sully’s arm.

Another unique timepiece can be found in Avatar on Norm Spellman. The watch is a TOKYOFLASH 1259 B. With a futuristic face and rectangular shape, the 1259 B is a sure conversation starter.

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For ladies, a stunning Rolex Submariner date 16610 was worn by June Havens in Knight and Day. The Submariner is a timeless watch with a silver band and traditional round face.

A second Rolex appears in the movie during stunt scenes. The stunt watch is a Rolex DSSD 16600. The DSSD has a slightly larger face and a more elliptical shape than the Submariner, but proved a durable product during filming.

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For the action hero in your life, try The A-Team. Lt. Templeton “Faceman” Peck is shown wearing a Casio G-shock Giez GS-1001. The G-shock Giez is shock resistant and has military precision etchings. The watch features four dials, allowing the wearer to be on time, every time, no matter what adventure awaits them along the way.

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What man doesn’t want a wristwatch that never goes out of style? Look no further than Milo Boyd in The Bounty Hunter. The critics may not have enjoyed the film, but no guy could pan the Omega Speedmaster. With traditional styling, shape, and size combined with state-of-the-art technology, the Speedmaster is all about beauty, accuracy and reliability.

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The Messenger showed off a stunning Jaeger LeCoultre Memovox timepiece. Captain Tony Stone shows off the innovative display patterned to resemble a dart board. In addition to a vibrant look, the LeCoultre Memovox contains an alarm system designed as a hanging gong to produce a rich, deep sound not expected from a wristwatch.

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Ladies, did you see Kelly Rice’s wristwatch in Law Abiding Citizen? Rice’s tantalizing time piece is a classic Cartier watch from the 2009 Super Luxury edition. While the exact Cartier worn in the film is not available new from Cartier, there are collectors and retailers who are still selling this classically inspired release from Cartier.

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Next time you are shopping for that perfect timepiece, head to the movies for some Hollywood inspiration

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